Hahn’s health representative urges people, “especially the most vulnerable” to get flu shots

Hahn, October 6 (European Media) –

Elena González, regional representative for health and consumer affairs of the Jaén Council, called on residents of Jaén, “especially the most vulnerable”, to get vaccinated against influenza starting Monday, October 9. Give the first dose.

“Requests for appointments for flu vaccinations are open from today, Friday, so the Department of Health and Consumer Affairs remembers the importance of receiving this vaccine, especially for the most vulnerable,” the representative said.

Specifically, in Jaén, 163,049 doses of vaccine have been distributed and some notable developments have been made, such as lowering the starting age for adult influenza vaccination from 65 to 60 years, the same as for covid-19 vaccination, which Will also be able to get.

As in previous campaigns, Andalusia will use quadrivalent influenza vaccines, that is, they cover the two A strains and the two B strains of the virus, making them the most complete at the moment and, therefore, the most complete. They provide better protection and reliability. For its part, the Covid-19 vaccines available for this event include the main variant currently circulating in Spain (Ómicron XBB.1.5).

As in previous years, flu and Covid-19 vaccinations will be administered in phases. Therefore, from October 9 next year, staff in care homes and disability centers will be double vaccinated; the general population aged 85 or over; and staff in health and social care centres, residential and disability centres.

Likewise, students on placements at the Center for Health and Social Care, Residential and Disability Centers will also receive the flu vaccine; children aged 6 to 59 months (inclusive) who attend calendar vaccine appointments.

As of October 16, people over 70, children six months or older, adults with dangerous medical conditions, highly dependent people and their professional caregivers, and pregnant women from the same date, 6 to 59 months ( Including) children will also receive the flu vaccine.

The next phase will begin on October 30. From now on, dual vaccination will be given to people over 60 years old; other professional groups such as security forces, farm workers, ranchers or veterinarians; and staff in prison institutions. The final phase will begin in December, when people whose homes are 60 or older or in high-risk groups will receive dual vaccinations.

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