Hailey Bieber has a great look

Often, looking at celebrity clothes, one wonders how it is possible – and if it is even possible for ordinary people – to always be so cool. Of course, it is indisputable that such icons as

Bella Hadid has an almost limitless wardrobe, but there are also those who have shown that they have a wardrobe made up of some essentials that come back in various combinations like a talisman. This is the case of Emily Ratajkowski and Kendall Jenner, but above all Hailey Bieberwhich, over the course of 2023, appears to have taken a true note form 90s that she and her stylist Dani Michele reinvent day after day. After cutting her hair into a hypnotic chestnut bob, the model began to replicate the same simple combination of styles on a daily basis. And if in winter they continued to combine baggy blue jeans and oversized leather jackets with T-shirts and T-shirts of all kinds, playing with colors, then with the advent of summer it’s time to adapt it to the high temperatures of the season, choosing only a light palette, shortening the length of the trousers and focusing in everything on the shoe model including moccasins, adidas samba and dark crab sandals for contrast. Result? “White top, denim shorts and black shoes” – the new “sun, heart, love” look from Hailey Bieber. Below is a gallery of the supermodel’s recent public appearances.

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