Halle Bailey’s velvet brown nail color is perfect for fall.

Halle Bailey took to Instagram on October 15 to share several tanned selfies. Paired with the caption, “golden hour ✨🖤,” the photos show off her flawless complexion and some low-key glamour.

The series of selfies caused a lot of rumors. Mermaid the star appears to be wearing a leopard print jacket or robe, which is covered by a black lace top. Some fans are wondering if she’s teasing new music with her glamorous appearance. “Oooh she’s hiding her outfit…what project is she working on nowwww???!” one person wrote. Another posted the lyrics to her latest single: Angel: “It took a little sun kiss just to look like this/God sent, you’re an angel.”

What about manicure lovers from all over the world? Its glittery, coffin-shaped tips give off some serious fall vibes.

Halle Bailey’s chocolate velvet nails

Painted in an on-trend “your nails, but better” shade that complements her skin tone, Bailey gave the quietly luxe manicure an angelic, textured shimmer. Chocolate nails have a velvety surface that looks soft and smooth.

Although the nail artist who created this look has yet to be named, Bailey often works with Yoko Sakakura, a beloved nail artist who has worked with the likes of Zoe Saldana and Olivia Rodrigo.

Her nails continue the seasonal change

During the summer months, Bailey immersed herself in the role Mermaid‘s Ariel opts for mermaid manicures, ocean blue hues, and even crisp 3D designs reminiscent of the clear waters of the Caribbean Sea.

As temperatures dropped and Bailey released her latest single, Angel — she changed her nail design. Bailey recently dyed her long ends in rich chocolate brown and burnt orange shades, creating a pumpkin spice effect.

This season is all about chocolate.

Bailey isn’t the only celebrity looking to chocolate for inspiration this season. In the world of perfumery, many new perfumes with chocolate aromas are appearing. And when it comes to manicures, rich brown polish and chocolate-chrome finishes play starring roles, of which Hailey Bieber is a big fan.

Bailey’s milk chocolate manicure is the latest example of her cocoa obsession.

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