Halloween, five movies to watch (not horror)

Five movies that non-horror fans should watch this Halloween


Ghostbusters – 1984

Ghostbusters – Ghostbusters – 1984 film directed by Ivan Reitman. Peter Venkman (Bill Murray), Raymond Stantz (Dan Aykroyd) And Egon Spengler (Harold Ramis) – three university parapsychological researchers. The New York Public Library contacted the three after they spotted the ghost of former librarian Eleanor Twitty inside.

For the first time, three extravagant and rambling scientists encounter ectoplasm. Once they collect the samples, they begin to evaluate the enormous potential of their discovery. In the meantime, however, the university president expelled them for poor performance in their respective fields of research.
Three paranormal enthusiasts don’t want to give up their passion, so they decide to create a paid ghost hunting company.

After creating sophisticated equipment such as a proton backpack capable of capturing the psychokinetic energy of ghosts, a psychokinetic energy detector, and ghost traps, an essential tool for catching ghosts, the three purchase a decadent building that was the former headquarters of the ghosts. police force and fire department, which will become their headquarters. Their vehicle will be an old ambulance converted into a paranormal emergency response van, Ecto1. All that is missing is the first clients and the business can be said to have started!

The first requests for help came slowly, but not for long. The first client will be a cellist from Central Park West. Dana Barrett (Sigourney Weaver), who in horror witnesses strange visions of creepy creatures saying the name: “Zuul” in the refrigerator at home.
This is just the beginning of an incredible adventure in which the Ghostbusters must undertake the delicate and difficult task of saving the entire city of New York from Gozer, an evil deity from ancient times.


Beetlejuice is the spirit of a little pig. is a 1988 film directed by Tim Burton. When spouses Adam (Alec Baldwin) AND Barbara (Geena Davis) The Maitlands return home after a brutal car accident and realize they are dead and turned into two ghosts.

Meanwhile, their house is sold to the unsuspecting Dietz family, and the couple discover that the new tenants’ daughter, Goth Lydia (Winona Ryder), is able to sense their presence. In search of a solution, Adam and Barbara go to the underworld, but they both have to spend another hundred and twenty-five years in the old house and learn how to scare people by studying the “Manual of the Newly Dead” in depth. .

Since the husband and wife are still unable to use their supernatural powers against the Deets, they become involved with a dangerous man. Beetle juice (Michael Keaton).

However, the ghost’s methods also risk endangering Lydia, who has always shown loyalty to the Maitlands. Adam and Barbara get rid of the new arrival while trying to solve the problem with the human tenants themselves. But Beetlejuice, angry at the refusal, plots revenge. An evil spirit wants to separate two dead spouses and marry Lydia after wreaking havoc on the entire Dietz family.

The latter, realizing that the house is haunted, call their friend Otho to a session. It is then that Lydia demonstrates her devotion and affection for the Maitlands and saves them at the cost of accepting Bitlyus’ offer. Driven by the desire to save the young girl, Adam and Barbara will have to prove that they can master their ghostly abilities, although the cost of Lydia’s life may be the loss of their beloved home forever.



The Addams Family – 1991 film directed by Barry Sonnenfeldcomic inspired Charles Addams.

The Addamses are a special family living in an ominous, dark and ruined castle. The head of the family is Gomez (Raul Julia), a distinguished gentleman with a passion for cigars and exploding toy trains, and very much in love with his wife. Morticia (Anjelica Huston), an emaciated and elegant dark-skinned lady who grows roses leaving only the stem and enjoys physical torture.

The couple has two children: Cynic Wednesday (Christina Ricci), which gives advice on the most inventive ways to exterminate people and pests. Pugsley, an expert in guillotines and able to survive assassination attempts on his sister. Uncle joins the family Fester (Christopher Lloyd), GrandmotherMorticia’s mother, an imposing butler heel (Karel Struycken), Hand AND Cousin Ita creature consisting only of hair.

The Addamses love everything creepy, disgusting and deadly and bring terror to ordinary people. In this film, we witness the return of Uncle Fester, who mysteriously disappeared twenty-five years ago after a quarrel with his brother Gomez. The man appears at the castle, accompanied by a self-proclaimed German doctor, who pretends to want to help the two brothers in their reunion. In fact, the woman is hiding a secret and wants to take over the huge family wealth…


CASPER – 1995

Casper is a 1995 film directed by Brad Silberling. Carrigan Crittenden (Katie Moriarty), inherited from his late father Whipstaff Castle, an English-style estate located on the cliffs of Friendship, Maine.

The castle has been uninhabited for a hundred years and is inhabited by four bizarre ghosts with unfinished business. Among these ghosts there is a little sweet Casper (Devon Sawa), a kind and sensitive little ghost, eager to make friends with the living.

But Molla, Ciccia and Puzza, his three crazy uncles, do their best to protect the castle from curious presences and frighten anyone who enters the building, thereby discouraging the playful ghost. The new owner, bent on finding a secret treasure she believes is hidden in a safe in the house, does everything she can to rid the building of these evil ghosts who are preventing workers from proceeding with the demolition of the building.

But no intervention is effective, and as a last attempt, Carrigan decides to entrust the pest control to the most famous medium in the United States, the Doctor. James Harvey (Bill Pullman).

His daughter follows him in this endeavor. Kat (Christina Ricci), who immediately became friends with the gentle ghost. Casper tells Kat about his past life and admits that he doesn’t remember much, prompting his new friend to come up with a plan to reactivate his memories.

A little girl, reading old newspapers, learns that the ghost’s father was a great inventor who, after the disappearance of his son, came up with a way to bring him back to life by building a special device that is still preserved in the basement of the castle.

Meanwhile, James, dealing with three strange ghosts who destroy his tools and equipment to interfere with his work, discovers that the ghosts have met Amelia, his beloved wife who died many years ago, and perhaps they could contact her . … .



Hubie HalloweenDirected by Steven Brill, the film takes place in Salem, Massachusetts, when a grisly murder is committed on Halloween night.

Somehow a man who works in a grocery store and known as Eubie Dubois (Adam Sandler).

Obsessed with Halloween, Hubie does everything he can every year to make sure citizens follow the rules and celebrate safely. Hubie is a quirky character who is often made fun of by the people of Salem and is never taken seriously.

But this year, when an escaped criminal threatens the celebration, the community is in danger, and Hubie will have to convince the police and locals that monsters really exist and that only he can stop them.

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