hallucinated GTA, which is a video game based on the film, even including Travis Scott

The premiere took place on the eightieth anniversary Venice Film FestivalNew film Harmony Corinne divided the audience Biennale 2023causing visceral and conflicting reactions, with some choosing to leave the room during the screening, others appreciating it instead by bursting into heartfelt applause on stage.

The American author traditionally offers a crazy visual-narrative experiment, shooting the entire film with infrared cameras and using artificial intelligence in post-production.


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In the nightlife and crime scene of Miami, an experienced hitman sets out on a ruthless search for his next target. Filmed entirely with thermal cameras, the man navigates a twisted world of violence and madness.


  • Release date: September 3, 2023 (Venice preview)
  • Direction: Harmony Corinne
  • Film script: Harmony Corinne
  • Duration: 81 minutes
  • Type: Action
  • Assembly: Leo Scott
  • Photo: Arnaud Potier
  • Music: Arabic music
  • Production: EGLRD, Iconoclast
  • Actors: Jordi Molla, Travis Scott, Joshua Tilly


Harmony Corinne gives Venice the most fun and entertaining game of the festival, without any shame it turns the film into a video game, revolutionizing its aesthetics and drawing the viewer into an amazing hallucinatory whirlpool with no real plot but full of innovation, visual proposals and pacing.

GTA the cinema he produces is a kind of modern Dante’s hell, which collapses, exploding in its own hypertrophy, and in which the spark of redemption burns, but inevitably includes violence and the most abnormal – although so exaggerated that they seem voluntarily harmless – forms of cruelty. . The images flow freely and often without any logic, and the main character’s voiceover and soundtrack Arabic music they fan the flames of the creative fire, glowing with rebellious sensation and subconscious hypnosis.

The actor’s presence is not central, but centered Travis Scott, around which Korine builds a visual image that more than matches the rapper’s creative position in the musical field. The decision to cast him – in the anti-emotional role of the devilish angel, slave and promoter of vice, a strong symbol of the values ​​​​imposed by today’s trends – also corresponds to the transversal nature of the work and the intention of the video game. this determines the time and space of (re)action.


Korine is clearly a provocation that hybridizes audiovisual languages, parodies—and at the same time emphasizes the fascination of—postmodern excess and (dis)orients toward redefining the taste of the spectatorial experience. The result of this remarkable experiment, however, does not create the confusion that the author deliberately introduces by changing the order and function of the terms, and does not lead, as might happen, to a flattening of style or identity, but rather strengthens the film matrix of the original and takes shape as an irresistible divertissement with a purely cinematic content.


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