Happy Birthday John Cusack! Here are the movies we love them for and where to stream them

The actor, who turns 57 today, has worked with many great contemporary filmmakers. This is confirmed by the five movies currently streaming that you will find below.

Even though he has not made any big film for the last few years. John Cusack If like us you have gone through American cinema of the 80s, 90s and the beginning of the new millennium then he is probably one of the actors in your heart. Since he turns 57 today, we want to dedicate a quick five to him streaming movies Which shows how he has collaborated with absolutely leading filmmakers without restricting himself to the genre that made him a star. comedy Romantic. Enjoy reading.

Five streaming movies starring John Cusack

  • shadow and fog
  • midnight in the garden of good and evil
  • the thin Red Line
  • high reliability
  • map to the stars

Shadows and Fog (1991)

first collaboration with Woody Allen – Will follow three years after the most acclaimed bullets on broadway – New York is a little jewel hidden in the author’s filmography. really not many remember shadow and fog, This extraordinary black and white atmosphere refers to the great season of German expressionism. And also poetic, touching characters with thunderous applause. One of Allen’s best five movies for us. without doubts. Available at amazon prime video,

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (1995)

one of the movies Clint Eastwood The film was widely praised by critics and the public sees Cusack as an Oscar-winning yet still very effective hero. kevin spacey And a very large and cohesive cast of actors. Adapted from the best-seller of the same name, midnight in the garden of good and evil What turns out to be an alternate but utterly fascinating film, Eastwood’s attempt to create something new, risky, going beyond his areas of knowledge. The result is sometimes compelling, and Cusack delivers a really cool result. Maybe better than all the others. Including Eastwood Available at… Kilo, Google Play,

The Thin Red Line (1998)

in a masterpiece directed by Terrence Malick Cusack stands ahead of many other collaborators with his restrained and precise performance, some scenes underscoring a complex and dynamic character. Seven Oscar nominations, including Golden Bear in Berlin, Film, Direction and Screenplay the thin Red Line War writes a seminal page of cinema, a beautiful and painful elegy on the horrors of an inhuman conflict. Yet he makes exactly the same point, humanity is never defeated, not even in the worst of times. Shocking and unforgettable. Available on Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+.

High Fidelity (2000)

with the support of Stephen Frears we would love to tell risky habitseven with extraordinary noir Anjelica Huston And annette bening, but unfortunately it is not available in streaming. Stupidity. high reliability In any case, that’s enough because it’s a cult film, an easy and brilliant adaptation of Nick Hornby’s book. Cusack then finds himself surrounded by a hilarious cast Jack Black, Lily Taylor And Catherine Zeta Jones among others. And of course lots of great music. Very funny, Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay. Available at disney+,

Map of the Stars (2014)

For David Cronenberg Cusack plays a guru/psychologist/philosopher of undeniable opulence and charm, a kind of iconic figure in a world gone mad beneath the velvety surface of the Los Angeles hills. A Julianne Moore Perfect (Palme d’Or at Cannes), with Robert Pattinson And Mia Wasikowska close cast of map to the stars, one of the most complex and layered feature films from the great Canadian author. There are so many levels of reading that we probably haven’t even found them all… CHILI is available on Google Play.

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