Happy Birthday Margot Robbie: Three iconic roles and three iconic looks

Happens Today – Actress and producer Margot Robbie was born on 2 July 1990 in Gold Coast (Australia) under the zodiac sign Cancer. With an enviable filmography, we have seen him play dozens of different characters, each of which has ensured the favor of critics and audiences alike.

the many faces of robbie

margot robbie the wolf of wall street

Margot Robbie’s birthday is today, July 2. Leonardo DiCaprio plays the unscrupulous businessman’s wife. The Wolf of Wall Street, sneaky thief with will smith In focus – nothing is as it seems, participates in the super villain suicide squad suicide squad As beloved anti-hero Harley Quinn. Tonya Harding receives Academy Award nomination for poignant performance in biopic Tonya, He revived Satan Tate in Tarantino’s film, Once upon a time…in Hollywood And at the end of 2022, the film about the roaring 20 years nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe surprises the general public: babylon,

margot robbie suicide squad

And it doesn’t end there, because in July 2023 (in Italy on the 21st) we can witness the consecration of a star: Margot Robbie will actually be barbie, in the provocative film of the same name and a far cry from any Greta Gerwig stereotype. A year after its announcement, the hype around the title has grown more and more, amidst a soundtrack signed by artists such as Dua Lipa, the unorthodox Kane played by Ryan Gosling, but also Margot herself who has helped increase the mystery with her looks. have contributed.

Appearance: barbicore and channel issue

margot robbie barbie movie

A meticulous promotional campaign for the film about the iconic doll. Starting with the first, in which Robbie is seen in a short dress (by Hervé Léger) with white sunglasses, hair tied in a ponytail, and black heeled sandals. History clearly references the first Barbie, who wore a black-and-white striped one-piece swimsuit, ponytail, white sunglasses, and black sandals in 1959.

margot robbie

More recently, the barbicore style has diverted public attention from the torrid story between Margot and Chanel Maison. The actress is truly an ambassador of the historic fashion house, although many feel that she is unable to do justice to the fashion house that every designer would want to have as their inspiration. Lace, lace, ruffles and muted colors are regularly criticized on Robbie’s red carpet appearances. A question that’s grown especially as the usual Chanel look has been replaced by Bottega Veneta, Versace and Valentino dresses that have been able to capture the essence of the star, the creative mind behind each, even for stylist Kate Young Thank you. Hollywood’s most acclaimed. Again, happy birthday Margot Robbie!

margot robbie
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