Harry Styles in costume in Bolsena with a new tattoo in Italian

Reggio Emilia, 22 July. Harry Styles has completed his Love on Tour in Reggio Emilia after two years and 169 spectacular shows. In addition to the emotions and dramas of the fans, with unforgettable moments such as the iconic Fernanda number six, the singer found a well-deserved rest in our country. In the company of his friend James Corden and his wife Julia, the former One Direction member spends a few relaxing days on the picturesque Lake Bolsena in the heart of Lazio. Naturally, the attention of the paparazzi was not spared by the presence of a star immortalized in a swimsuit on the lake.

Harry Styles on holiday in Italy: a new tattoo and Lake Bolsena

Among the new photos that have been released, a feature immediately caught the attention of the most attentive fans: a new tattoo on the right thigh of Harry Styles. Initially, there were rumors that the singer chose the word “California” for his new tattoo. However, with the new images emerging, fans have begun to suspect that the tattoo might be in Italian and that the word “breakfast” is written on it.

The revelation sparked an uproar among Harry Styles fans, who have banded together on social media to try and understand the meaning of this enigmatic choice. Some believe that the reference to “breakfast” may have a personal meaning to the singer, while others suggest that it may be related to a memory or significant experience during his visit to Italy.

Regardless of the meaning of the tattoo, it is clear that Harry Styles has a special connection with Italy, where his last leg of the world tour Love on Tour took place. During the concerts in Reggio Emilia, the singer once again demonstrated his talent and his ability to interest the audience with unusual performances.

Harry Styles’ holiday on Lake Bolsena was a moment of relaxation and fun, surrounded by friends and the beauty of Italian nature. Tattoo speculation aside, fans are happy to see their idol enjoying a well deserved break and sharing carefree moments with loved ones.

The tattoo mystery will continue to intrigue Harry Styles fans, but for now, we can be sure the singer is making a special time during his visit to Italy. With his unique personality and undeniable talent, Harry Styles continues to win the hearts of his fans around the world, and his presence in Italy has undoubtedly been an unforgettable experience for all those lucky enough to witness his concerts.

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