Harry Styles is a work of art (ask David Hockney)

Some may argue that Harry Styles it’s like a museum. Masterpiece! Piece of art. A rare artifact to study and celebrate. And now he will really be inside the museum, the famous pop artist was portrayed by one of the most famous figures in pop art: David Hockney he painted a portrait of Styles to be shown in an upcoming exhibition at the UK’s National Portrait Gallery.

Hockney’s “Drawing from Life” exhibition opens in November. Stiles is a real fan of Hockney: when he was photographed for Fashion in 2020. He was a legendary producer Clive Davis suggest Hockney as he sits for his portrait draw Stiles, Hockney said. Fashion.

“Clive told me about Harry’s new album and JP (Hockney’s studio assistant) sent Harry a note asking if he would like to come into my studio and pose for his portrait,” Hockney said. “He responded right away, saying he would love it.”

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Hockney didn’t know Styles until the artist came to pose for him for a few days in May 2022. The result is a playful portrait of Stiles wearing an orange-and-yellow striped cardigan, jeans and a modest string of pearls: “Now I know Harry is a celebrity: I’ve seen all of his music videos.”

As expected of a Hockney fan, Stiles was more than thrilled to have the artist immortalize him: “David Hockney reinvented the way we look at the world,” he said. Fashion“it was a real privilege to be portrayed by him.”

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