Harvard Medicine recommends running to prevent flu

he autumn 2023 will be hotter, but also wetter. This was announced by Advanced Weather Forecast.However, lower temperatures do not eliminate the threat wave of viral infections These dates come every year as the weather changes, which is why doctors are moving them forward The best ways to protect against flu, colds and new variants of covid-19.

The first important tip for people with weakened immune systems is Vaccination. Each country sets its timeline based on its geography, but vaccination is generally strongly recommended for people over 65, anyone with respiratory conditions and people with neurodepressive disorders.Furthermore, for everyone, there is a Very healthy and simple measure: running.

Harvard Medical School takes advantage of the start of fall to remember this Running is a great way to strengthen your body’s own defenses and vaccinations..According to experts, completing approx. 150 minutes of moderate or vigorous activity aerobic exercise per week Boosts the immune system and is great for preventing the flu or pneumonia.

Experts from Harvard University pointed out based on a study published in the scientific journal “British Journal of Sports Medicine” that Deaths from influenza or pneumonia fall over nine years in sample of more than 500,000 adults When they exercise regularly.

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At this time, the doctor insisted The Difference Between Flu and Coldsbecause the first disease kills one-third of infected people over the age of 65, while the second disease is associated with a temporary illness if treated properly and does not progress to pneumonia.

Based on these data, doctors recommend running in the fall because it benefits the body’s immune response and strengthens the body’s defenses. However, they also clarify that overtraining is not advisable.In fact, the scientific studies they reference show that 600 minutes of physical activity per week provides no benefit in preventing influenza and other viral infections.

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