Hasta 100 million children at the presentation of Kimberly Loaiza: Gallardo

The state’s governor said he could have a better quality of life today than adults; “It’s like a great kinder”

Artist: Bernardo Vera

Ricardo Gallardo Cardona, Governor of San Luis Potosi, God knows it On August 25, more children than adults were expected to arrive at the Feria Nacional Potosina (Fenapo). because of la presentation by Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja at the Teatro del Pueblo.

“Go become locura de niños y Let’s pay attention to the children with Kimberly Loayza who goes to get sick; We hope there will be more than 100 million children, only children, not adults. It’s like a great kinder“, he commented.

With this presentation and forecasts for the final end of the Fenapo week, the state governor assured that security strategies inside and outside facilities will be changed, Ademas de have more elements of the Civil State Guard (GCE) and the General Tax Service of the State of San Luis Potosí (FGESLP).

“When the Fenapo set off, 1,200 elements were allocated along with 350 cadets to complete the task of the holiday. This end of the week if he suffers at 500 thousand, then there will be 300 elements more, given the scale of events. The operatives will change, we are going to use different strategies with the Civil Guard and the Fiscalia, devoting many more elements of the investigative police to intelligence work, inside and outside the fence,” he said.

Gallardo Cardona joined this security officer. if he received the municipal police of Soledad de Graciano Sánchez and the support of the capital, which included more elements, in particular assistance to municipal road workers.

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