Have you seen Brad Pitt’s brother? He is a millionaire philanthropist and has the same sex appeal as an actor (VIDEO)

Brad is not the only child prodigy of the Pitt brothers!

He is three years older than his brother Brad Pitt and share their genetic code. Three years older than the Hollywood star Doug he can also rightfully be considered a child prodigy. Despite the charm of the actor (so much so that, as he jokes, he is mistaken for one three times a week), he prefers restraint. A stranger in the world of entertainment, he only rarely dared to appear in front of the camera and almost always pursued noble goals.

Who is Brad Pitt’s brother: biography and career

Who is Doug, brother of Brad Pitt - Cinematographe.it

On his official website, you can get some information about the middle brother (the youngest, Julie Neal, is a very religious housewife and mother of five children, two of whom were adopted from Ethiopia). While Brad Pitt was trying to travel the world in Los Angeles, accepting even the most “humiliating” job, Doug, born in 1966, opened his first company: Service world of computer. From the very beginning, he understood the remarkable potential of information technology, in which he specialized on the university bench. When he met the woman of his life Lisawhat made it father of three: Landon, 26; Sidney, 25; and Reagan, 24.

Brad Pitt’s younger brother sells company in 2013 in good faith Pitt Development Group, an IT service provider for healthcare and community development centers. Already in 2017, he bought out the first company and combined his two creations into a single organism.

Among the biographical notes on Brother Brad Pitt’s website, we also learn that he spends most of his time in Africa. He is appointed by the then President of Tanzania. Goodwill ambassador. Investiture, which is not only formal and includes an intermediary function on behalf of companies interested in investing in the country and, therefore, in contributing to its development. In the United States, on the other hand, he created learnfoundation dedicated to supporting marginalized children, which received the Humanitarian Leadership Award.

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