Hayley Atwell, actress (along with Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible), reveals a trick to keep the wrong time at the disco.

Tom Cruise toured the world with actress Hayley Atwell to co-promote their latest film.Mission impossible – Dead Reckoning First Part”. The promotional tour started right from Romeon the Spanish Steps.

During some interviews, the actress revealed that she always preferred to go to dance in gay clubs because she could have a lot more fun without having to worry about guys trying to win her over. However, Hailey is very aware that she is a beautiful woman, which Tom Cruise has also confirmed in some interviews, and always gets the attention of men, so she pulled off a very awkward but extremely effective stunt. Let’s find out deceive.

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Hayley Atwell and the method of “expel objectionable men”

What girl hasn’t found herself in the center of unwanted attention and didn’t know how to get out of it, especially in cramped and narrow places like night clubs? Hayley Atwell, former heroine of the superhero world Marvel, ran to help the girls and showed an effective trick to keep someone away in just a few seconds. Everything under the eyes is fun Tom Cruise.

Hailey said: “The trick is to act quickly. As soon as you see that a guy approaches you inappropriately, you start dancing strange and without shame be bold and strange. You will see that in a few seconds they will move away from you!

In short, a trick that will definitely scare off the bad guys. Who knows what Tom Cruise thinks, if it will put him off too?

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