HBO Max has a cult movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio that will have you hooked from start to finish

HBO Max It is an entertainment platform that houses great movie classics in its catalog, many of which are considered must-haves for movie buffs.

Such is the case with “El Origen” (“The Beginning” in English), one of director Christopher Nolan’s greatest successes and starring the Oscar winner. Leonardo DiCaprio.

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The film became famous among the public for its peculiar idea that dreams can be stolen. “Dom Cobb (DiCaprio) is an expert in the art of appropriating the secrets of the unconscious subconscious during dreams. By receiving the extraña habilidad, he transformed them into a man highly respected in the world of intellect, but it also doomed him to be a fugitive and therefore abandon a normal life,” the official synopsis reads.

What is certain is that Cobb’s only way to change his life is to do the exact opposite of what he has always done: implantation, which involves implanting an idea into the subconscious rather than absorbing it. However, the plan becomes complicated by the intervention of someone who seems to predict his every move, who only Cobb can figure out.

“El Origen”. Source: Twitter @Cinemaaaaa_

The film was a general success at the time, earning over $21 million on its release; I will also be seeing him in the halls in a few weeks.

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What is certain is that the ending of this film received as much praise as it received criticism; among other things, DiCaprio himself made sure that she should hear it: “I have no idea. Focus only on you in your character, man. When it comes to Chris Nolan and his mind and the way everything was armed, everyone tries to arm themselves.” constantly with his clothes. “I guess it depends on the viewer’s point of view,” I tell the actor.

“El Origen”. Source: Twitter @Cinemaaaaa_

Like DiCaprio, the film has a long list of famous names such as Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Cillian Murphy, Michael Caine and Tom Hardy, among other artists.

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