He fails doping test after breaking Deca triathlon world record

polish athlete Robert Callas Last May he defeated Deca Triathlon World Records It was held in Rio de Janeiro but was confirmed shortly after a positive doping test.

The Deca Triathlon is an extreme endurance test rio de janeiroBrazil includes complete Swimmed 38 kilometers, cycled 1,800 kilometers and ran 422 kilometers.

Robert Callas completed the test 164 hours 14 minutes 2 seconds, A world record of more than 18 hours was broken.

Rio de Janeiro test classification Top5

ranking Yam Nat. cat. swim T1 bike T2 running all
1 Robert Callas Pol M30 9:34:17 0:07:24 69:20:16 0:41:30 84:30:35 164:14:02
2 Yolande Chabanski Pol M35 13:31:21 0:19:32 85:13:06 0:35:41 106:20:21 206:00:01
3 Rafael Godzwan Pol M45 16:00:48 2:07:16 95:21:18 4:29:27 107:10:58 225:09:47
4 Carlos Pena Mexico M40 15:15:11 0:37:15 114:20:03 1:00:04 97:48:10 229:00:43
5 Gurven Tristant Air France M40 24:16:48 0:49:09 126:01:56 0:19:28 110:26:15 261:53:36

However, the celebration of the championship did not last long, Callas announced on his social networks that he had won the championship. doping test positive Made during the event. Results for your “B” sample are still pending.

International Super Triathlon Association (International UTA) confirmed the presence of positive results, But he did not name the athlete, and it was not an official move just for negotiation. These are the entity declarations:

“After all the good news over the weekend, we have some not-so-good news: Unfortunately, we have to report a positive urine test from an athlete at the Brazil event in May 2023.

There were reports on the WWW that we reported positive results or confirmed something.

This is not true. We have not notified anyone of this yet. We only contact the athletes concerned and the responsible anti-doping authorities.

Please understand that we will not respond to any inquiries until the case is closed. Protecting athletes is our top priority. “

Callas explained that as he recovers from injuries to his arm, ribs and foot, he Prescription medicines containing substances found on the WADA list. He claims he was repeatedly told that taking the drugs would not affect his performance in Brazil.

Callas takes full responsibility for his positive doping test result. “I take full responsibility for my doping test.

However, I can assure you I’m not taking these drugs to improve my performance in Brazil. I took the funds in January to prepare for my MMA fight on February 3rd.

It didn’t have a positive impact on my preparations and the start of the World Cup at the end of May.To prove my authenticity, I provide the documentation of the Variation Logger test“.

Callas went on to explain that he himself had requested a doping test in Brazil in the hope that his Deca triathlon result would be officially recognized as a world record.

He pledged to remain clean, as confirmed by the numerous anti-doping tests he underwent after each World Cup began.

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