He ‘never could cope with life outside the dome’

tom brady shouted quickly Peyton Manning After learning his former football rivals had cast a pall over his lavish holiday.

“I’m sure the temperature was perfect,” Brady, 46, said. Written by X on Thursday, October 19Manning, 47, complained that Delta flights were cold, putting him in trouble in retirement.

The former New England Patriots quarterback then cast a shadow over Manning’s cushy time as an Indianapolis Colt at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. “Peyton will never be able to handle life outside the dome… 🙄😂,” Brady, who retired from the NFL for the second time in February, quipped.

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The retired athlete’s comments come after Manning attacked Brady for his luxury travel stays, including a recent trip to the Bahamas on his $6 million yacht.

“Did he take a Delta flight to go yachting?” Manning asked on Thursday’s show The Pat McAfee Show, referring to Brady’s partnership with the airline. “Is there a direct Delta flight to the Bahamas so he can get on the yacht?”

Manning has faced Brady 17 times in his career and has lost six of his 11 head-to-head series against Brady. He went on to talk about his time at Delta, joking that Brady would never have to face what he encountered. Experienced.

Tom Brady reacts to Peyton Manning's yacht vacation dig: He'll 'never be able to handle life outside the dome'Tom Brady reacts to Peyton Manning's yacht vacation dig: He'll 'never be able to handle life outside the dome'

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“I was on a Delta flight that night; I was flying back from Hawaii. My flight was canceled. I was sitting on 36F. Has Tom ever flown on the 36th floor of a Delta flight, AJ, what do you think?” Man Ning asked co-host AJ Hawk”, he replied: “Probably not in 30 years, Payton.

Manning, who retired from the NFL in 2016, noted that he was placed in the “exit row” on the Delta flight, which had one major drawback – the temperature.

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“I swear the door was open. It was as cold as I’ve ever been. “I’ve been to some cold-weather games, I’ve been to Green Bay, played in New England,” he continued. “I asked the flight attendant, ‘Are there any warm blankets? ‘ When I complained about the cold weather, she was very disappointed and she wouldn’t give me a blanket, so I said, “I’m just freezing, ma’am.” I crawled up to the 36th floor and reached my destination. “

This isn’t the first time Manning and Brady have been publicly suspended. In June 2022, Brady posted an unflattering video of himself practicing, in which his forehead and nose were magnified for the camera. The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback then mocked Manning in the caption – as Manning is known for his large forehead.

“Kids on TikTok calling this Peyton’s Corner 😂 rude!” Brady wrote when sharing the video.Payton’s brother – retired New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning – took a liking to Dig, writing: “Best joke ever!!” and reposting the clip to his social media.

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A year ago, Payton was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and he couldn’t help but cast a bit of a shadow over himself. “Next year, acceptance speeches may be shortened to four minutes,” Payton began during his August 2021 speech. “Speaking of opponents, my good friend Tom Brady is here tonight. When Tom Brady was drafted, which would be his first year of eligibility in 2035, he only had time to post on his Instagram The acceptance speech was posted on the account.”

All jokes aside, these two legendary NFL players have nothing but respect for their time on the field together. “He always brings out the best in me, and that’s why our games are my favorite,” Payton said of Brady on the show in January 2020 Peyton House.

Brady agreed, telling his long-time rival: “This is the most memorable game of my career. “I think I can remember them all. “

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