he should have won the world title

LA Knight and failed NWA plans: he needed to win a world title

Before WWE debut in 2021 LA Knight he was a big star in Impact Wrestling and in the NWA as Eli Drake.. And if in the framework of the former TNA he managed to win the maximum title, then in the NWA he was not, but the original plans for him were completely different.

He thought about revealing it Billy Corgan to the microphones of YouTuber Chris Van Vliet.“He was supposed to be the next NWA Heavyweight Champion, that was the plan. Everything was ready, but the pandemic held things back. He had a contract with the NWA and he was always taller than us and obviously we were happy with him. on board.”

But at some point, we realized that he needed to look around and look for other opportunities.” LA Knight was supposed to rival Nick Aldis and wrest the title from him, as well as congratulate him on the success he has achieved in WWE.

In the NWA, Eli Drake went all out and also starred in the historic “Shoes of a Champion” promo, which is still considered one of the best and funniest of all time. Billy Corgan has also spoken about a possible collaboration between the NWA and WWE, but as of now it hasn’t materialized yet.

L.A. Knight feuds with The Miz

After winning Slim Jim’s Battle Royale at SummerSlam, LA Knight started a rivalry with The Miz (This part was the most viewed on Raw two weeks ago).

There is no doubt that LA Knight managed to establish a great connection with the public organically and without outside help. The fans are completely on his side, and this is demonstrated by the fact that in July he was among the top sellers in WWE. merchandising.

His T-shirt is actually in the first, third, fourth and fifth bestsellers in the entire company. And WWE began to give him that push, albeit slowly and carefully, without catapulting him straight into the main event area.

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