He went to hospital with stomach ache only to find he had swallowed earphones, magnets and buttons | Moga Medical Hospital | Viral Video | Kuldeep Singh | Punjab | Clinical Cases | World

An Indian citizen has swallowed more than 60 inedible items and is currently in critical condition. Photo: iStock/Ref.

In Moga, India, Kuldeep SinghThe 35-year-old went to Moga Medical Hospital for treatment due to severe stomach pain. However, during the examination, doctors discovered that the patient’s condition was far from gastritis or a stomach infection, but something much more serious and completely surprising.

Apparently the man had been ingesting a variety of household items without restraint for years; preliminary reports indicate they had been accumulating in his system. Over 60 inedible items.

“While conducting X-rays, we found medals, chains, nuts, bolts, earphones and many other objects inside the stomach,” said Ajmer Singh Kalra, director of the centre. Moga Moga Medical Hospitalwhere the man received treatment.

The items he consumes are Small boxes, chains, nuts, bolts, headphones, safety pins, magnets, buttons, T-shirt zippers, and many other inedible items and a sharp object causing serious injury to his body.

The patient’s family was surprised and although he knew what was causing him such pain in his abdomen, his entourage were left speechless upon discovery, admitting they had no doubts about what happened to Kuldeep. ..

This was a shocking discovery and a subsequent diagnosis because patient suffers from mental illness This causes him to compulsively swallow things that are not food. The disorder is most common in pregnant women, children and people with mental illness.

The protagonist of this story underwent a three-hour operation and the intervention was a complete success, but the patient was not out of danger and was in critical condition.

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