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After practicing traditional medicine and completing a master’s degree in public health, today’s lecturer and author César Lozano understands how uncontrolled emotions (anger, resentment, guilt, fear, jealousy) and inappropriate treatment can lead to People get sick.

“Shut up your mouth and your body will show disease; bad relationship with others can lead to gastritis, obesity, diabetes, anxiety. When I realized this, I shared a speech on quality of service, human relations , and over time, I’ve been a speaker for over 15 years about forgiveness management, how to deal with difficult people, and getting along better as a couple,” he told Zeta who will be speaking on August 15″How to Get Along with Difficult People” exist Baja California Center From Rosarito Beach.


“Dealing with difficult people is an art, a learned skill. In my speeches I will talk about a dozen kinds of difficult people, those who use indifference, confrontation, anger, the law of ice, but Angry people lose. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to deal with aggressive, jealous, possessive, envious people and I will explain these techniques to them in a pleasant, funny and constructive way” , commented Lozano.

On the other hand, he warns against following the advice of anyone on the social network:

“We’re inundated with information, and it’s dangerous. I ask them to look into what the person recommending the ketogenic diet has studied, or talk to you about nutrition or forgiveness. Unfortunately, not all physicians have the time to work with their patients to analyze whether there is emotion behind the symptom.


“I believe in traditional medicine, but in conjunction with emotional healing, because here is the patient, not the disease, and we have to see the person as a whole, unique patient; that’s why I suggest seeing what sick patients often show Emotions, but imagine what we have in Mexico: full of mental illness, depression, anxiety and disorders related to emotions,” he explained.

On his concerns as a citizen of the world, “My Mexico has hurt me, but not in general, those in power don’t have the same conviction to improve conditions for citizens, and I’m worried seeing massive deficits in these areas of health, education of young people , because an educated nation accepts no government of any kind and seeks the common good,” he commented. “Japan just announced that it is changing the whole education system, looking for a global perspective, imagine who my child will compete with, and the education system does not even try to improve its analytical skills. We need more young people who are analytical and dare to question everything ’, concludes the ten-book author best seller In Mexico, the U.S. and Latin America, the latest is When It Feels Not Enough, a handbook for knowing what to say to someone in a time of crisis.

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