Health authorities are looking into lifting mask mandates next week if the flu subsides

Valencia (EP). The Department of Health is looking into lifting the mandatory use of masks in health and social care centers next week if the downward trend in respiratory infections continues, but the decision will “always” be based on “technical criteria” and “prudentness”.

So counselors brought this up today Marciano GomezIn this regard, he emphasized: “This is not a mathematical decision, this is a medical care decision, a decision that has an impact on health, and must be made with the advice of public health and preventive medicine technicians.”

Gomez emphasized that this is the third consecutive week that the incidence rate has dropped (from 1,318.7 cases at the beginning of 2024 to 1,297.4 cases the previous week and 1,035 cases this week), and hospital pressure has also dropped by 7.5 percentage points. Last 7 days.

In this way, he stressed that if the Valencian community was at a plateau in the incidence of the contagion curve last week, then according to the latest data updates “we are already in a downward trend and there seems to be a slow and gradual decrease” in the incidence and Medical pressure has dropped significantly.

That way, they will reconsider mandatory mask use next week if “there is a moderately significant drop in incidence rates, coupled with lower pressure on health care and fewer infections in certain age groups.” “In these areas it is a recommendation, not an obligation. However, he insisted that the decision will always be taken based on two criteria: “The first is to listen to the technical staff and the second is to be cautious. “

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