Health centers in Castile and Leon will give flu vaccinations without an appointment

The Ministry of Health recalls that starting this Monday you can get vaccinated without an appointment at health centers in Castile and León, a call that is open to the general public in an attempt to increase the coverage of the flu vaccine.

According to data provided by the Ministry of Health, in order to increase immunity despite the high number of infections, the Ministry of Health launched a mass influenza vaccination campaign in Castile and Leon this weekend, and 4,350 doses of vaccine have been administered so far. board.

The initiative, open to all citizens regardless of whether they belong to any risk group, takes place on Saturday and Sunday at centralized vaccination sites in the nine provinces of the Community.

In this way, the department of Burgos becomes the department with the most vaccinations, with 571 doses administered in the capital, 163 doses in Aranda de Duero and 244 doses in Miranda de Ebro, for a total of 978 doses.

Valladolid follows with 890 doses of vaccine administered, including 572 in Valladolid West and 318 in Valladolid East; Salamanca with 614 doses; Zamora, 457; Palencia, 360; and Ávila, 361.

At the other extreme are Soria, with 188 doses administered this weekend; Segovia, with 224; and León, with 278 people (161 in León and 117 in Elbieso).

The latest update on those who have been vaccinated shows that they make up 61.3% of those aged over 60 – considered a vulnerable group – compared with 52.6% of those under two and 34.6% of those aged between two and five. Old, the Ministry of Health has detailed it.

According to the statistics portal of the Junta of Castile and León, data as of January 8 show that 649,660 doses of influenza vaccine have been administered during the 2023-2024 campaign, accounting for 27.39% of the population.

Burgos has 89,653 doses, 25.69%; Valladolid, 136,899, 26.79%; Zamora, 51,641, 30.89%; Avila, 46,987 people, 29.4%; León, 117.82, 26%; Zamora, 51,641, 30.89% La Manca, 91,959, 28.3%; Segovia, 40,613, 27%; Palencia, 43,538, 27.7%; Soria, 26,225, 29.2%.

The event starts in October

The vaccination campaign against influenza and covid-19 began on October 3 in residential homes for the elderly and dependents in Castile and Leon, while on October 10 the injection was rolled out to those targeted by this preventive measure vulnerable groups.

As a novelty, in addition to vaccination against bronchiolitis, the campaign also includes influenza vaccination for infants aged 6 to 59 months.

Castile and León has a total of 805,500 doses of influenza vaccine, with an investment of 10.5 million euros.

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