Health department urges children, adults to get flu vaccine due to insufficient data

These are unexpected data. To this end, the Ministry of Health has once again called for influenza vaccination among target groups. That is, children under four years old and senior citizens over 60 years old. The number of respiratory infection emergencies in Castile and Leon has surged last week as the number of Covid-19 infections rises.

The data is there.vaccination coverage During the entire campaign, the coverage rate for children under two years old reached 51.4%, the coverage rate for children between 2 and 4 years old dropped to 33.6%, and the coverage rate for children over 60 years old only reached 60.9%.

To date, the ministry has procured 805,500 doses of vaccine, of which 642,273 people have been vaccinated, accounting for 80% of the total. According to the reason for vaccination, a total of 492,818 doses of vaccine were administered to high-risk groups by age, followed by 31,056 doses to high-risk groups due to pathological reasons; 28,769 people in institutions; 21,113 medical prescribers and 16,790 community health center staff .

About activities initiated by the Board of Directors For immunization against respiratory sensitization viruses, a pathogen that causes bronchitis and pneumonia, a total of 9,784 children have received nirsevimab antibody doses as of January 3, meaning immunization coverage is 90.91%.

Regarding Covid-19 vaccination, official records from the Ministry of Health show that a total of 461,664 people were vaccinated during this vaccination campaign, accounting for 83.7% of the total number of vaccinations. Among people over 60 years old, the coverage rate reached 49.8%.

By group, the most vaccinated in the two months before the event were age-related risk groups, with 364,444 people vaccinated; followed by people in shelters, with 37,168 people; followed by people with risk conditions (34,543 people), Four are health center staff to close vaccination professionals and staff at social health centres.

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