Healthy sharing tips for preventing respiratory infections

Guatemala City, October 19 (AGN). – In view of the beginning of the cold season in 2023, Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance (MSPAS) Share tips for preventing respiratory infections.

Measures to avoid such illnesses are announced through the Agency for Human Care Program Regulation’s Acute Respiratory Infections Program.


According to authorities, the most common illnesses during this time are the common cold, influenza, tonsillitis, laryngitis, acute otitis media and pneumonia.

MSPAS mentioned that it is important to visit different health centers depending on the severity of the respiratory infection. These infections can vary from beginning with mild discomfort to eventually leading to serious, life-threatening complications.


Facing the cold season, the Ministry of Health has shared a series of recommendations for dealing with respiratory diseases:

  • Avoid leaving home if the weather is extremely cold
  • stay warm
  • Priority is given to children under 5 and adults over 60
  • Protect skin with moisturizer
  • Keep lips lubricated and moisturized
  • Protect yourself from the effects of dawn and night
  • During the day, open windows and curtains to let in sunlight and ventilate the house.
  • Don’t expose yourself to sudden changes in temperature, especially from hot to cold
  • Breathe through your nose (not your mouth) so warm air reaches your lungs
  • At night, hang curtains or cardboard on your windows to prevent heat loss

In addition, it should be noted that if symptoms of respiratory infection occur, it is recommended to wash hands frequently and use alcohol and masks appropriately.

return maintain physical distance, Cover your mouth and nose with paper or disposable tissues, Do not spit on the floor or other surfaces, Disinfect potentially contaminated objects Separate healthy people from sick people.

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