Heat Training Tips, Utilizing Licorice

For years I have been practicing a technique that I came up with by accident during a marathon in Barcelona more than ten years ago, in which, without scheduling, I just smoked a licorice stick To ease my nerves I stuck with it for part of the race and noticed a really nice feeling, I didn’t attribute it to the licorice at first until I had been scheduled to try it at various races and noticed it’s Some interesting effects brought about by features can be summarized as follows:

Heat-fighting properties of licorice

-It has digestive effects and prevents heartburn and gastritis.

-have Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

– Increases tension so nutrients can better reach the limbs.

-increased fluid retention, Improve dehydration During extreme efforts in hot environments.

-antibacterial effect, Cough relievers and throat lozengesVery useful for distance runners who often suffer from pharyngitis.

-it has a certain Ability to stimulate adrenal hormone production These often change with prolonged stress.

-Improving fatigue caused by chronic stress.

– Smoking licorice sticks mentally relaxed Its taste is sweet and pleasant.

– The sweet taste, although bitter due to glycyrrhizin, contains almost no sugar and can fool the brain at the taste bud level, slightly increasing performance when muscle energy reserves are depleted. As some studies indicate:

Don’t abuse licorice either…

Although it has good performance, its consumption cannot be abused because Suppresses testosterone production This is an excellent restorative hormone. For patients with high blood pressure, its use is not recommended because, in addition to raising blood pressure, it increases potassium excretion. Pregnant women should not take it either, as hormonal changes may occur, which May be harmful to the fetus. fetus. For some people, it has some laxative effect due to fluid retention, although it does not irritate the intestines.

The best way to take it is Peel off the outer skin slightly to better access the inside This is where the active ingredients are located. We can suck it directly, bite it, or soak it in boiling water and break it into several pieces.

Can be purchased in Herbal Medicine Or in some nut shops, and in some markets in traditional areas such as Barcelona, ​​it is usually sold fresh, although it only keeps for a few days, I recommend cutting it into pieces and freezing it for later use. It is used because its flavor and texture are more pleasant and richer than dry.

Worth buying is the typical juanla made with licorice extract.

Therefore, I recommend taking licorice before a race and during certain training sessions that are intense and hot.

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