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Jose del Carmen Perales Rodriguez.-

Cd. Victoria, Tam.-
According to a report by the Federal Directorate of Epidemiology (DGE), as of November 4, Tamaulipas ranks fourth in the country in the number of confirmed cases of viral hepatitis A, with a total of 348 cases of infection.

The most striking of the signs, however, is that the cumulative number of cases so far this year is four times higher than was recorded for the same period in 2022, when only 87 cases were confirmed.

In this sense, the local health department explains that hepatitis A is more common among children because of an outbreak in Tampico that affected several children earlier this year.

The federal DGE report stated that in terms of gender distribution declared at birth, there were 209 male patients and 139 female patients.

Detailing the effects of the disease, sources noted that it is a type of hepatitis that does not leave sequelae for patients, like other types that can have serious consequences, such as liver cancer or cirrhosis.

He did not downplay the importance of medical treatment, explaining that it was therefore considered the least serious because it was least likely to affect the liver.

Likewise, he declared that hepatitis A, which is transmitted through food, fecal-oral route, is less serious because it does not become chronic and many times does not even require treatment, but symptomatic or general measures.

Finally, he said, in other types of hepatitis, the virus remains in the body and can eventually lead to liver damage, such as cirrhosis or liver cancer, or hepatocellular carcinoma.

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