Here are the movies to watch for 3.50 euros in September

The implementation of the MiC initiative, which allows viewers to watch movies in the cinema at a reduced price, continues. List of titles that will be visible at a very reduced price.

Film revolution: what films to watch in September for 3.50 euros

Film revolution continues to attract lovers of Italian and European cinema. Thanks to MiC’s outstanding contribution, tickets to film screenings at participating theaters are available to the public at incredibly affordable price of 3.50 euros. This initiative will run until September 16, giving viewers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of cinema at affordable prices.


But it doesn’t end there. From September 17th to 21st, Cinema Revolution ends with an even more special event, Cinema in Festa. During this period, you will not only be able to enjoy discounted films, including non-European ones such as blockbusters of the year Barbie and Oppenheimer, but also announcements, master classes and special events with the participation of the great heroes of cinema. The perfect way to end your summer with blockbusters.
You can check out the list of participating cinemas to find the one closest to you.

Johnny Depp Jean Du Barry

Jeanne Dubarry – The King’s Favorite: Close-up of Johnny Depp

Movies not to be missed

Among the Italian and European films that will be released in September, there are works that should not be missed. These include the highly anticipated Johnny Depp-starring Jeanne du Barry, Annarita Zambrano’s The Rossosperanza, Laura Luchetti’s The Beautiful Estate, Massimiliano Bruno and Edoardo Leo’s The Worst Days, and the thrilling film Passages. There are also films such as the imaginative Manodopera, Matteo Garrone’s new work Io Capitano and the breathtaking Aeneas by Pietro Castellitto.

Aeneas 1

Aeneas: a frame from the film

Films in promotion in September

The choice of films included in the Film Revolution initiative is truly diverse. There are comedies, and dramas, and action films, and even a charming animated film “Workforce”. Among the most anticipated works are “Io Capitano” by Matteo Garrone, “Aeneas” by Pietro Castellitto and “The Order of Time” by Liliana Cavani, just to name a few.

The full list of September films that can be viewed at the cinema at a special price of 3.50 euros:

August 30: “Dangerous Comedy”

31.08: “Taste of happiness”

August 31: “The Order of Time”

August 31: “Workforce”

August 31: “Conversations with other women”

August 31: “Serial Liar”

August 31: “Shop”

August 31: Freelancing

7/9: “Cavemen”

7/9: “The Invention of Snow”

7/9: “Best century of my life”

7/9: “I’m the captain”

9.11: “Tiziano Terzani, the way of life”

September 11: “My imaginary country”

9/14: “Death is the problem of the living”

18/9: “Estash”

September 21: “The Truth According to Maureen K.”

September 21: “Love Target”

9/21: “Aeneas”

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