Here is a school from zero to six years. Nursery and nursery, a single center is born

By decision of the Meluzzi council on August 28 last year, a new center for children aged 0 to 6 years was created in Fontanelica. A reality that went into effect for the 2023-2024 school year on September 4th. Thus, the section for 16 children of the municipal kindergarten “La Ciocciola”, located at Piazza Roma, number 10, moved to Via VIII December, where the other three different sections were already located (63 children in total, ed.) nursery of the state road “Ravaglia Vicchi” ” A project that occupied the minds of the Fontana administration for some time, the foundation of which was laid by former mayor Athos Ponti.

However, this process has come to fruition under the current mayor, Gabriele Meluzzi. A clear direction in recent years: from the expansion of the complex to the redevelopment of external spaces. Not forgetting the purchase a few weeks ago of the functional furniture needed to launch the new co-living. “The kindergarten will have two classrooms, two bathrooms and an office with a toilet and changing room for teachers,” explains Mayor Meluzzi, “as well as a part of the external garden intended for exclusive use. The opening is planned around 20. November, by agreement with the IC Borgo Tosignano of the new regent Adele D’Angelo, to celebrate the international day of children’s rights.” A strategic vision supported by the “Buona Scuola” law, which in 2015 launched the Integrated Education and Training System for the age group 0–6 years. A sector based on specific resources to strengthen the services offered to families and create structures capable of working in accordance with the criterion of continuity of education. Legislative Decree 652017 then highlighted elements aimed at promoting a unified process of planning, coordination and learning activities between classes. A kind of permanent laboratory of research, innovation, participation and openness of the territory in the logic of sharing common services, collective spaces and professional resources.

“Among the advantages of this solution is the presence of an internal canteen in the kindergarten, where food can be prepared every day for the children in the kindergarten,” adds Meluzzi. A change in the scenario that does not have a direct or indirect impact on the economic and financial situation or on the assets of the enterprise. In practice, this is a reorganization of existing education and childcare services without affecting staffing and staffing. Good news for Fontanelice, which goes hand in hand with the region’s recent provisions, just implemented by the municipalities, for free kindergarten attendance for children from families living in the mountains and in the interior. This eliminates the cost of accessing the nurseries of Casalfumanese, Borgo Tosignano, Castel del Rio and indeed Fontanelice. But that is not all.

The good news also concerns the confirmation of the contributions made by the offices in Viale Aldo Moro to the municipalities to open new places in kindergartens and reduce queues: more than 5 thousand euros for each additional place over two years. Tokens that could soon increase, by at least a few units, the availability of properties in the area.

Mattia Grandi

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