Here is Sofia, the sweet mestizo adopted by Emma Watson in Mexico

Harry Potter actress Emma Watson has adopted a dog from a Mexican shelter. Her name is Sofia, she is a wonderful mixed race and she has already changed her life for the better. Emma told her followers how sweet Sofia is more of an angel than a dog

There’s a new member in Emma Watson’s family and her name is Sofia. The brilliant Hermione from Harry Potter has decided to welcome a special four-legged friend into her life, but be careful because Sofia is not a Chihuahua, a Maltese or another purebred dog.

Unlike other celebrities, her choice fell on a mestizo and she adopted him directly from Mexico. The actress shared the news on her 33rd birthday. In a post from her that appeared on her Instagram profile, Emma Watson retraces her life in recent times and all the good and bad events that have marked this period. Of course, Sofia is among them.

We’re 33, for goodness sake. Before the age of 29, I had never heard of the concept of “return of Saturn”. Let’s say that now I know myself well. I walked away from my life, learned to surf (bad), went horse riding (got better) got a lot of therapy (Yes! therapy). My brother and I joined @renaisspirits. I adopted Sofia in Mexico who seems to be more of an angel than a dog”

Her brother, Alex Watson, shared a photo with Sofia in his arms and the web literally went crazy. Is it possible that Emma was the one who took it? Maybe yes maybe no.

Other shots of Sofia in the company of Emma and Alex have also been shared by fans on social media.

We always remember how important the adoptions of abandoned dogs and cats are, ended up in the kennel as puppies and forgotten in a box or seized for mistreatment instead of the purchase of purebred specimens. When stars adopt animals, then you can’t ask for anything better to spread the message and get it to as many people as possible. Well done Emma!

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