Here’s How Your Mood Affects the Appearance of Cellulite

Cellulite or orange peel skin is a skin condition that causes many due to its appearance complicated, Especially in women, since it is more common in this group for various reasons: due to hormonal problems, age or genetics.

For many people, cellulitis What is overproduction hormones generate them discomfort Internally, because they feel uncomfortable with what they see when they look in the mirror.He created them as a distressed The body reacts to this by triggering the level cortisol, This in turn reduces lipolysis This is the process of lipids biology is converted into energy and accumulation of Fat and reserve of liquid.

When cellulite appears, the fat cells stop working and don’t drain properly, so they turn into cellulite. inflamed, They become larger and harder, making it difficult for fluids to circulate.

When people find themselves in this situation, they put their body through diets and strenuous exercise, and even various creams and treatments, without realizing that many times the root of the problem is not localized fat, but rather internal fat. head and how they affect you mood How you felt at that moment. Let’s see how one thing affects another.

How Emotions Affect the Appearance of Cellulite

When a person, in this case we talk about female Because gender usually feels these complexes and learns careful interior, exterior Skin changes. Cellulite is a spokesperson pressure Because this is where the state of anxiety and tension a person may be experiencing is revealed. Stress and anxiety can affect collagen fibers, causing them to lose sagging and elasticity.

The appearance is the same, but the reasons are different.this emotional cellulite You have to treat it from the inside and work on it reduce s level cortisol Because it usually occurs due to a state of constant alertness. If it’s not a problem with diet and a sedentary lifestyle, the solution isn’t to punish your body with diet and strenuous exercise because you won’t be able to eliminate it.The problem is that there is a unbalanced Emotions that favor the appearance of cellulite.

he Stress, anxiety, depression and bad mood Alters metabolism, affects microcirculation and contributes to appearance of cellulitis. This is hard to believe for most people, who don’t realize how serious this can be for their health.

Fight Emotional Cellulite

  • Heal your emotions.
  • Physical activity not only relieves stress but also serves as a way to relax and lower stress-causing cortisol levels. Strength and partial exercises are recommended as they are often more effective than aerobic exercise.
  • Practice relaxation techniques like yoga or meditation.
  • Sleep well and rest well.
  • Stay well hydrated.
  • Take action and let go of the victim role.
  • Don’t suppress your feelings.

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