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The news of the divorce of Britney Spears and her now ex-husband Sam Asgari has spread all over the world: in recent days, there is no …





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The news about the divorce of Britney Spears and her now ex-husband Sam Asghari has spread all over the world: in recent days there has been no talk about anything else, and all because every hour there are new details about this. There are those who claim that they would have broken up due to the incompatibility of the characters, however, the Iranian model accuses Britney of being violent on several occasions, while she, for her part, believes that she was betrayed. Three different versions, which, however, caused the singer’s fans to turn against Sam, who has now lost thousands of followers on Instagram.

When two stars are separating or getting divorced and one of the two partners isn’t exactly known as the other person, here’s what’s on social media the classic “mass unsubscribe” occurs immediately. For example, in the case Britney Spears and Sam AsgariI fan singer Mr. “Toxic” they said to each other, “Did he hurt her? So why should we continue to persecute him?” It is because of this “philosophy” that the Iranian model is about to fall below three million. followers and this happened a few hours after the announcement divorce. A low figure for someone like him, who used to be, also thanks to the influence Britney there were nearly four million fan. In addition to many fans Britneyfrom profile Sam various VIPs have also “escaped”.

VIPs who no longer follow Sam Ashgari

Among the VIPs who deleted Sam Asgari from your list of subscribers to Instagram Eat: Madonna and Paris Hiltongreat friends Britney Spearsbut also, Selena Gomez, Lindsay Lohan, Kesha and Drew Barrymore.

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