Here’s what Science magazine says about the benefits of the most famous infusions: chamomile, peppermint, and ginger.

The current study attempts to demonstrate the accuracy of assignment to the most popular attributes.Yes, most can ease heavy digestion

We have them in supermarkets, pharmacies and even bars.this medicinal plant infusion They’re everywhere, and we usually turn to them when we have indigestion, gas, or intestinal disturbances, but some people even turn to them for their own reasons. so-called healing power Diabetes and other diseases.

if you want to know something scientific evidence Regarding the consumption of these plants in infusions, I invite you to read on.


it is Digestive Infusion QueenIn fact, it is the most consumed herbal tea. Spain Its use as a medicinal plant dates back to ancient Greece.

What does science say?

The scientific literature on the benefits of chamomile is extensive, and while many of these studies are not conclusive, they do suggest Beneficial effects at intestinal level.Specifically for relaxing effect What this plant does to the digestive system and how gastric acid reducer.

What are its true properties?

A cup of chamomile infusion can help us eliminate and Reduces the gas produced by heavy digestion. If we have abdominal cramps, it will also be partially relieved due to its relaxing effect on the intestinal muscles.

Furthermore, if you experience pain Heartburn Drinking a drink can also help reduce pain, and some women have better control of menstrual cramps as a result of this infusion.

Which ones are not?

All sorts of strange properties are often attributed to chamomile: from treating hemorrhoids to resolving conjunctivitis or vaginal infections, including Alleviate appetite or lose weightand.

But the reality is that, to date, no scientific research has been able to prove that these properties are real.


we talk about a known root and has been used in cooking for thousands of years, but it is also considered As an herbal infusion.

What does science say?

Research into this ancient root is rich and fruitful.Ginger contains Plenty of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compoundsantimicrobial properties, vitamins and minerals, phytosterols…more than 400 different compounds.

What are its true properties?

Ginger infusion can be a big help Relieve mild nausea and vomiting, such as what happens after a cycle of chemotherapy.It also helps increase gastric emptying and is therefore very useful for heavy digestion and helps Reduce abdominal pain.this antibacterial propertiesBy itself, it can help us reduce the bacteria in our mouths that cause gingivitis and even some intestinal infections.

Which ones are not?

People often say that soaking ginger in water helps prevent Diseases such as Stroke, myocardial infarction and even cancer. Indeed, these possible effects in humans have been studied, but at this time these tests are not conclusive.

mint mint

it is Digestive herbal tea ranked second The largest consumption in Spain, second only to chamomile, and the earliest record of its use as a medicinal plant They date back to the eighth century (Although at that time It is thought to help improve erections).

What does science say?

Today, we don’t have a relevant amount of reliable scientific research confirming its medicinal properties, but we do have They are believed to have carminative and antispasmodic properties.

What are its true properties?

Research suggests its infusion may helpto prevent gas formation In addition to slightly reducing intestinal Intestinal cramps.

Which ones are not?

On some websites they claim that mint leaf infusion helps Purifies the liver and even regulates the menstrual cycletoday’s science is far from being able to prove this.


from Indiaan infusion of this root has recently landed on the Spanish market, nothing less than Nickname Natural ibuprofen.

What does science say?

Curcumin is the component in turmeric that is responsible for all of its beneficial and therapeutic properties, Research in the laboratory is unstable and complex. Furthermore, when we consume it as an infusion, Curcumin absorption and use our bodies so small This makes it difficult to draw reliable conclusions about its beneficial effects.

What are its true properties?

Judging from the research so far, the benefits that turmeric infusion brings to us will not exceed Certain antioxidant effect. No other plant product can provide us with anything to a greater extent.

Which ones are not?

It all comes from power Improving Asthma to Curing Diabetes or Cancer, which can improve our joint function or prevent the progression of neurodegenerative diseases through its powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. But as we said, science today is far from proving that any of this is true.

exist An extensive review was published in 2017 All existing research concludes that the vast majority of properties of turmeric infusion They have no scientific basis Some

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