Here’s what’s known about IVSS pension payments (+ details)

The Venezuelan Social Security Institution (IVSS) is responsible for ensuring the protection of worker beneficiaries.Therefore, the monthly pension is paid in the amount of 130 bolivars or the equivalent of 3.09 US dollarsbased on the official interest rate of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV).
How do you verify if you are a new IVSS beneficiary?
To check if you are a new beneficiary, you can go to the IVSS official website and verify by following the steps below:
– In the main menu, find the field “pensioner”
-The system will ask you for your respective ID number and date of birth
– Now, click on options “consult”
-By uploading the requested information, you will be able to know if you are a new beneficiary of IVSS.

What are the payments received by IVSS and Amor Mayor pensioners?
Both IVSS pensioners and Amor mayor pensioners receive anti-economic war bonuses worth 630 bolivars or $18.89based on the official interest rate of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV).

When is the pension payment date in 2023?
Pensions are paid by IVSS in the third week of every month:
-January: December 20
-February: January 23
– March: February 17
-April: March 21
possible: April 21
-June: May 19
-July: June 21
-August: July 21
-September: August 21
When will IVSS distribute the pension corresponding to October 2023?
IVSS has not yet released official information on pension payment dates for October 2023. However, citizens are urged to continue to monitor digital platforms as they continue to disseminate relevant data on pensions.

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