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Where were the women during the Restoration? Why are their exploits invisible?

It should be noted that in the historical chronicles of the Dominican Republic, the participation of women who contributed to the struggle for national sovereignty, both in the War of Independence of 1844 and in the Revolution of 1965, is reflected in their epics; but On the other hand, it must also be pointed out that during the recovery war, their heroic deeds were absent from the collective memory of the Dominican people.

It is fair to recognize that Dominican society at the time, unlike society today, had made some progress in terms of the rights women had acquired through historical development. On the other hand, it’s worth noting that the feminization of nursing (housework) means that their footprint today doesn’t count towards the scale of their struggles. Tasks like cleaning, ironing, cooking, healing wounds, etc. all have a lot of value: like holding a rifle, a machete, a stick or a stone, each contributes according to their contribution to rebuilding Dominica contributed.

Amplifying and validating men’s facts and actions while ignoring women’s contributions is typical of patriarchal practices. On the occasion of the 160th anniversary of the War of Restoration, it is necessary to rehabilitate the heroines of Dominican historical literature on a national day of remembrance. Current and future generations need role models to follow.

The War of Restoration reaffirms the determination of Dominican men and women to defend their homeland, as the surrender of the traitor Pedro Santana defiled the homeland, while the traitor Pedro Santana ignored the struggle and bloodshed of the men and women who gave their lives for the freedom of the country. All domination and foreign powers. It is fair to say that democracy was also built and defended by the courage of women. On the 160th anniversary of the War of Restoration (August 16, 1863-1865), it is important to remember that women also took part in this historic feat.

These heroines include: Encarnación Mota (Canela), a strong and indomitable woman who came to be known as “The Heroine Banileja”. In this lady, Dominican courage is immortalized. The battle claimed 12 of the 14 boys born in the womb of María Catalina Encarnación.

Antonia Battista: She stood up mobilizing property and weapons for the Patriots. Host strangers in their homes for healing and washing their clothes. The heroine, Eneria Frias, does the same.

Maria Perez: She rode a horse, held a sword in her hand, and defended her motherland. In front of us is a giant of history and a warrior. Women with feathers speak out against the annexation of Spain, which sparks the Restoration Wars.

Maria Encarnación Echavarría y Vilaseca: With her famous sonnet “To my country”, she brought to life an outrageous event unprecedented in the history of this country. Encarnación’s verses were added to the pen of Josefa del Monte Pichardo.

Agda Rodriguez: She walks through the darkest nights as much as day, through faraway lands, with the courage that guides a woman who decides to embrace a just cause. The family inheritance was stripped in order to buy arms and ammunition for Dominican soldiers fighting against the Spanish army.

May the trot and neigh of the horse that Maria Perez rode be remembered, may the caress of the hands of the women who healed and bandaged soldiers’ wounds be remembered, may the fragrance of a clean shard not fade with time, may the blood The sacrifices of the fallen sons and grandchildren of the motherland have polluted the oceans and rivers of the conscience of the Dominican people, making the struggle not in vain. Goods sold for the noblest cause do not lose their value over time. May courage inspire the women of this country to continue to demand the rights that live in a democracy.

The author is a journalist and lawyer.
Representative of the DR Chapter of the Center for American Women and President of the +Mujeres Polítikas Foundation

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