he’s flying to Japan, she’s going to a Taylor Swift concert. The singer declined an invitation to her podcast

Harry and Meganthey’re far apart now, but don’t worry because they’re both in great company. Prince, in fact, for a moment Japan where he will take part in some wholesome sporting activities. There Duchess of Sussexhowever remained in California with his children and literally in the last few hours he attended a concert Taylor Swift along with some friends.

Harry flew to Japan without Meghan Markle: in Tokyo for a charity event

Prince Harry, a street artist, dedicates an ironic graffiti to him: “I think a lot of people don’t want the monarchy anymore.”

Meghan Markle, in the last few hours devoted himself entirely to an evening among women. There Duchess of Sussexin fact, she went with her friends to Sofia Stadium in Los Angeles where, just yesterday, Taylor Swift completed his US tour. The singer after a break will resume concerts on August 24 in South America. What seemed a little strange ah fan From Megan and for those who saw her in the stadium, it’s that the singer-songwriter made a snub of her podcasts telling her that he can’t participate given the many work commitments. The Duchess did not seem to take it, given that, according to the audience present, she was very passionate about the artist’s performance.

Harry in Japan

Prince Harryhowever, is in Japan for a charity polo match that will serve as a fundraiser for an association that supports those infected with HIV and AIDS. Son King Charles III he was received very warmly by the crowd at the airport, and as he walked to the exit, he waved cordially to many present.

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