High-priced drugs for hepatitis C patients are guaranteed

this High Priced Drug Access Agency (Damac), from the Ministry of Public Health, reported that Provided treatment for hepatitis C within the past two years The government invested a total of more than 586.4 million reais to help more than 1,827 people affected by the disease.

during commemoration world hepatitis day In a speech on preventing the disease, DAMAC Director Dr. Karen Cepedaexplains the high-cost drug plan Hepatitis C drug provided to 1,482 people in 2022 and more than 342 people this year.

The official emphasized that these beneficiaries joined the More than 16,540 people immediately received fixed high-cost drugs The government of President Luis Abinard has tripled its budget to a total of R$8 billion this year.

He explained that each hepatitis C patient was provided with a three-month supply of drugs to treat the disease, worth 321,132 reais, based on the instructions of experts, and invested 586.4 million reais in the past two years , purchased these drugs for 1,827 people who benefited from this treatment. .

He advised citizens to see a specialist if they experienced symptoms such as yellowing of the eyes and skin, fatigue, nausea and vomiting.

He emphasized that high-cost drug programs approve and provide hepatitis C drugs to patients in need in a timely manner.

Meanwhile, gastroenterologists, Dr. Pascal Nunez Ramirezit is recommended to prevent hepatitis C, pay attention to proper disinfection of reusable instruments (such as dental instruments, instruments used by manicurists, pedicures and tattoo artists), and replace other non-reusable instruments, such as needles.

He added that when a person knows they have hepatitis C, it is imperative to take the necessary precautions so that personal tools such as toothbrushes and razors are reserved for their own use only.

Similarly, he suggested that citizens should be tested for hepatitis C frequently, and take timely action once found to avoid liver damage.

In another order, patients benefited from hepatitis C treatment, in which Ramón Ventura and Ninoska Logroño thanked the high-cost drug program for donating to treat the disease. medicines for diseases.

Ventura remembers being born with hepatitis C from a blood transfusion.

He called on everyone to take care of themselves and maintain hygiene to prevent the spread of hepatitis, and regretted the discrimination and rejection experienced by those affected by the disease because they did not know it was not spread by talking and waving.

Dr. Sandra Cabrera, member of the Dominican Society of Gastroenterology, attended the commemorative event.


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