Hip Hop Hall of Fame Joins Startupstarter’s 2023 Investment Week Festival

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Investment week 2023

Published in October 18, 2023 |
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The Hip Hop Hall of Fame is joining StartupStarter’s 2023 Investment Week Festival in Los Angeles. Hip Hop Hall of Fame CEO and Founder JT Thompson will participate in a panel discussion about the Hall’s future technology platform, the metaverse, hip-hop’s role in the technological future, and a special announcement for Los Angeles.

“We’ve always wanted to color Los Angeles,” and INVESTMENT WEEK 2023 will paint the city “orange,” with the Hip Hop Hall of Fame leading the charge as we celebrate 50 years of hip-hop and the impact of music and music. technologies’ said CEO and founder J.T. ThompsonWho also creator and executive producer belonging Hip Hop Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Concert TV Show which once aired on nationally syndicated television and the BET network in the 1990s and is set to return to national and international television in 2024.

Additionally, “Hip-Hop is not only music but also a “cultural community” and our mission is to provide leadership to create opportunities to advance socio-economic and educational empowerment and ownership with access to capital for our young people, fans, entrepreneurs, our community and culture as a whole,” he said.

StartupStarter Investment Week ’23 Confirms Featured Investors, Companies and Star Speakers Baron Davis, Zion Clark, Scott Page, Peter Slattery Maxwell, Alex Gray, Boxabl, Techstars, Fox Sports, NFL Network, Amazon, NBCUniversal, Creative Artists Agency (CAA) , Disney Animation and others, who will headline the annual three-day conference, which will take place from October 18 to 22, 2023.

Investment Week ’23, presented by StartupStarter in partnership with Re:imagine LA, features a stellar lineup at this one-of-a-kind investment festival celebrating the best in innovation, investing, technology and culture. The schedule of events begins Wednesday, October 18, 2023, with an investor and celebrity golf tournament co-hosted by Baron Davis, and continues October 19-22 with a multi-event conference at the Future Factory in Los Angeles. From interactive performances with Boxable, to a 5-course dinner with renowned psychedelic artists Alex Gray and Allison Gray, to a Level 5 UFO sighting with Slattery Maxwell, and a late-night party featuring some of the best electronic music artists in the game. Investment Week ’23 is a renewed cross-cultural approach to technology conferences.

StartupStarter is a platform that encourages a new world of investors and also trains new founders to get into entrepreneurship. Founded in 2020 by Jose Barrera and Laurel Scott, their understanding of tech tools for communication and awareness has made the platform a huge success. In connection with the audience’s request for a live event, the idea of ​​Investment Week arose. This is the second year now CEO Joseph Barrera shared“We didn’t want to do another classroom-style event where you can listen and drink coffee. Our vision was to bring innovation to presentations. We believe that by combining art and technology, we have created an electric space that was instrumental in the success of the deals we closed last year and what we are looking forward to this year.”

Investors taking the stage include famed publicist turned blockchain pioneer and investor Michael Turpin, as well as Marlon Nichols, the venture capitalist behind companies such as Pipe, Blavity and Macro, which was named one of the 10 Most Innovative Hollywood companies according to Fast Company. Other notable speakers include Baron Davis and athlete Zion Clark, who will be featured on a panel presented by the Forbes Council and moderated by Shaka’s agent Leonard Armato, as well as Romeo Lacoste, a 30-year-old digital star who is the de facto tattoo artist for the world’s biggest stars . such as Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber and Kendrick Lamar.

Other speakers and companies include executives from Disney, NBCUniversal, Toonstar, animation studio Web3, which recently announced a partnership with Mila Kunis to launch a Solana series, NASA, Gemini, Techstars and former Snapchat chief strategy officer Imran Khan. , who led the company through its IPO and also led the IPO of Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba. And the founders of such iconic companies as the Hip Hop Hall of Fame, Aptera, the TED Summit meets Burning Man, and Boxabl, a company committed to solving the affordable housing crisis with over $168 million in funding and renowned for creating tiny homes, where Elon Musk lives.

For investors looking for new ventures, the event will feature companies such as a revolutionary RV startup that can charge a Tesla while you drive, and the StartupStarter Open competition, in partnership with Tim Draper’s Meet the Drapers series.

COO and co-founder Laurel Scott added:“We are excited to partner with Re:ImagineLA and utilize The Future Factory space, which provides cutting-edge production and a state-of-the-art sound system for our event. This will add a futuristic component that guests will feel as soon as they step into the event. Visitors will be treated to stunning visuals, interactive art installations and an atmosphere that will transport them to another dimension.”

Explore this extraordinary convergence of innovation, culture and investment. For more information and tickets, visit www.InvestmentWeekLA.com.

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