“His Three Daughters” TIFF23 | The film will be released on Netflix

His three daughters

Azazel Jacobs’ film starring Natasha Lyonne, Elizabeth Olsen and Carrie Coon will soon be released on Netflix during the Toronto Film Festival.

One step away from the Toronto Film Festival, Netflix wants ‘His Three Daughters’ to be seen worldwide for just under $7 million, according to Deadline. Script writer and director Azazel Jacobsmain roles in the film Natasha Lyonne, Elizabeth Olsen th Carrie Coon.

Este for example the fourth important element of the tournament giant in the fight for the title in Toronto. streamingwho paid over 20 million dollars for “Hitman”directed by Richard Linklater, c Glen Powell th Adria Arjonaand more than 10 million on “Woman of the Hour”his directorial debut Anna Kendrick. These titles will be sent to Netflix in the same condition. However, it will not be a global focus and will be brought to Spanish cinemas by Diamond Films, the distributor has confirmed.

What will we see in “His Three Daughters”? This is in the synopsis:

His Three Daughters is a tense and cautionary portrait of a family.. With his father in good health, three estranged brothers come together to try to plan for the inevitable. Mayor – Nervous Katie (Carrie Coon), who now has at least a few kilometers on the clock and is concerned about all the details. Mediator Rachel (Natasha Lyonne), this is a list to start after a year of cooking. And younger sister Christina (Elizabeth Olsen), he always seems to be on the edge of the door, doing his best to stay calm while everyone is locked in his father’s small apartment.

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