Hollywood, actors’ union and studios extend talks until July 12

The Screen Actors Guild, which represents 160,000 actors, and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, which represents Hollywood production companies, hold contract renewal talks to resolve outstanding issues ranging from streaming to ‘artificial intelligence’ deadline has been postponed. If the parties do not reach an agreement, Sag threatens to strike, which could hurt the studio, which is already in trouble due to the ongoing May 2 screenwriters’ protest.

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screen actors guildAmerican Federation of Film and TV Actors, E Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producerstrade union representing film and television production companies, Deadline for negotiations to renew three-year grade contract extendedInitially scheduled for midnight on June 30, by July 12, In fact, they remain openmore issues raised by the greens on protection against use of artificial intelligenceon payment of bonus for the show In Stream on the definition of most successful and pension and health plans, which has raised eligibility requirements during the pandemic. As the union said, it represents 160,000 subscribers, the decision to extend the contract came to “eliminate any chance of getting the perfect contract we all want and deserve”, because “we see you. We hear you. We belong”. The two sides should discuss the conditions again on Saturday, and if no agreement is reached by July 12, the heroes of the big and small screens will enter on strike with colleagues Writers Guild of AmericaThe US Screenwriters Union has been protesting against Hollywood studios since May 2, demanding pay increases, protection from the use of artificial intelligence and recalculation of streaming royalties. So far, the WGA strike Production of several projects has been delayed and stalled,

a dialogue is still open

Talks are going on between the two sides since June 7 a letter Posted last week by more than 1000 signatoriesIncluding actors such as Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence and Glenn Close, wrote that “Strikes always bring great hardship to workers. Nobody chooses it as the first option. But we are also ready to lay down arms if needed., The future of our work and our industry is at stake. This is no time to meet halfway.” Fran Drescher, 1990s sitcom star Came And the president of SAG described the conversation so far as “extremely productive.” Meanwhile, several film and TV actors have shown solidarity with the striking screenwriters. as reported DiversityThe practice of extending deal deadlines is not uncommon between SAIG ​​and the studios, but the union hasn’t gone on strike since 1980, when it suspended work for 94 days.

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Lawrence and Streep among Screen Actors Guild members


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