Hollywood celebrities bring this Adidas design back into fashion

In urban fashion, there are some designs that will never stop being used, they may stop appearing so often, but they will never completely stop being used, this is a sign of their great design since their creation. One of those brands that can pride itself on creating designs that never go out of style is Adidas, and once again, it is enjoying the fact that one of its oldest shoe designs is back in fashion, with many Hollywood celebrities choosing them to match their outfits.

The German brand specializes in creating timeless designs, and while many try to do so, they rarely succeed. Without expecting it at all, these shoes, designed 73 years ago, will be a trend in 2023, following styles such as “blockcore” to combine this football-inspired model with high fashion items and products.

One of the first models of adidas shoes

The founder of adidas, Adi Dassler, can lay claim to creating a timeless design that can still be seen on the streets after 73 years. The Adidas Samba was a real revolution in its time, as they were the first to introduce brown rubber soles in this type of shoe. An element that adidas has introduced into many of its other models, such as in the case of the Gazelle.

adidas samba OG is one of those shoe models that you can combine with any kind of outfit and style
adidas samba OG is one of those shoe models that you can combine with any kind of outfit and style

Throughout all these years, the samba has been closely associated with football, as not only did their rubber soles allow better grip when playing on slippery surfaces, but it also became associated with the style and clothing of British fans of the sport. However, for 2023, their approach has become democratized, as it is no longer a product tied to the masculine aesthetic, but with the advent of trends such as “blokcore”, many celebrities have combined these shoes with other high-fashion items in their outfits.

Hollywood stars love their design

Hailey Bieber or Kendall Jenner are some of the stars who have been spotted wearing adidas Samba. Shoes that are recognized not only for their timeless design but also for their versatility in pairing with any style. This model follows a similar design to the 50s, featuring a grained leather upper with suede reinforcements and golden details, a caramel-colored rubber sole and midsole, and a synthetic leather lining.

These adidas Samba OGs will set the style on the streets in 2023 with their timeless, yet versatile design, which allows you to combine these shoes with just about anything you have in your wardrobe. They are available in 7 different color models for a price of 120 euros, which you can find at any adidas physical store or on their website.

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