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Sinusitis can be chronic or temporary and caused by bacteria or fungi. When an infection affects the lining of your sinuses and becomes inflamed, you may experience fever, pain, tenderness, congestion, or a runny nose. It usually goes away on its own, but if symptoms persist you should see your doctor.

In the meantime, there are some ways to mitigate this problem:

– Try inhaling decongestant vapor. You can buy a pharmacist-made preparation or make your own.

– Put two drops of tea tree, pine or eucalyptus oil in a container and pour in a liter of hot water. Lean over the container and cover it with a towel, inhaling the steam which will give you relief within 10 minutes.

– Breathe in through your nose as much as possible.

– If you have difficulty breathing, rub your hands with a little tea tree oil, then cover your face with them and inhale.

– Eat horseradish: For immediate and effective congestion relief, chew and swallow ½ tablespoon. Freshly grated radish root. To avoid stomach upset, I take this medicine after meals.

– Add pepper to your meals: One of the quickest ways to relieve sinusitis is to sprinkle pepper on your plate.

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