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Bay leaves on radiators: the solution most people follow as the cold sets in

In the fall, and especially in the middle of winter, it’s really hard to give up on having one sweet Home. This time of year, aside from the cold, we usually stay at home, perhaps enjoying a delicious menu in the company of friends and family. In order to make the room more welcoming, it is not enough to have an elegant decoration, it is also necessary to have a pleasant warmth that will not expose you to the frost outside. The heater must be used correctly, to avoid losing heat and risking a big bill at the end of the month. In fact, this is a financially demanding month, including spending on gifts, so trying to save money isn’t a bad idea.

Another fairly common product we buy during the winter is air fresheners in various sizes and prices. This expense may be necessary because we close the windows and cook various dishes that create smells in the walls and fabrics. A little trick that literally reduces the population, that our grandmothers may have also used, has to do with bay leaves. To avoid spending too much money on aromatherapy machines, Many people place fresh bay leaves on top of the radiator. As the temperature rises, the leaves will emit an incredible, pleasant, subtle aroma and the house will smell like never before. But it is also possible to dry the plant in a short time and reuse it to prepare infusions or as a condiment for dishes.

Why use bay leaves at home?

he Bay leaves help purify and freshen the air in your house, no need to turn to other products as essential oils are used to treat bronchitis and flu. What’s even more amazing is that many people place bay leaves under their beds, sofas, or other furniture at home. The reason for this is undoubtedly beneficial, namely it repels cockroaches, ants, moths and mice, making it a true natural repellent. But there’s another possible benefit in terms of good mood, apparently this aromatic plant can promote relaxation and counteract stress.

Laurel is an ancient aromatic herb that has many uses.A teaspoon of dried leaves added to meals or infusions provides very few calories, and Contains vitamins A, C, B6, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. It has astringent and diuretic properties and can relieve symptoms of bloating, arthritis, muscle pain, and colic. It is an antioxidant and promotes healthy metabolism. For these reasons, it is useful to have a plant on your windowsill at home so that it is always available. Let it be placed in front of a window exposed to sunlight and grow in well-drained soil rich in gravel or clay pots. Let’s not overstate the amount of water, fertilize your perennials about once a month to keep them lush.

Laurel, fundamental ally

At home, bay leaves are used to protect against insects and mold. If we are afraid of borers after opening a package of flour, we put it in an airtight container and put some bay leaves nearby. The moths will stay away. Bay leaves can help prevent mold even when we store winter clothes, cushions or rugs. We put the leaves into containers, add carnation flowers and essential oils. The smell of mold will be gone forever. Bay leaf is one of the most famous herbs in aromatherapy. This therapy is very effective in combating tension, anxiety, and apathy. We should burn some of the leaves in various containers around the house. The sweet and spicy aroma calms the mind and gives people a feeling of happiness. As a result, anxiety and stress are reduced, and the airway becomes easier to clear. Whether by infusion or infusion, the antioxidant properties and eugenol protect our respiratory and immune systems.

Winter is coming. If you have a cough or cold, don’t use balm. we turn to gulf oil. Massage your chest, legs and back and you’ll find contractures and muscle pain relieved in a short time. If the flu causes stomach pain, soaking 4 bay leaves for 10 minutes can relieve the pain and help with smooth digestion.

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