#homeBrad Pitt, 20 Million Oceanfront Home Is a Dream

Brad Pitt he never hid his love for architecture. The actor has some mansions fabulous, but in one mansion, overlooking the ocean, the VIP showed off all his decorative flair. It’s about house located in Goleta California, with large exteriors for the whole family to enjoy.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: Holidays at Goleta’s House

Brad Pitt AND Angelina Jolie they were one of the golden couples of world show business. These two loved each other for ten years, from 2006 to 2016, even if the marriage only took place in 2014. From the union of two beloved actors, three children were born, and the couple adopted the same number. The divorce happened in 2019, and in 2021, the actor received joint custody of the children he had with the actress.

However, before the fateful break, to take a break from the prying eyes of the paparazzi, the whole family stayed in Goleta for Californiawhere the Hollywood star bought one house overlooking seaaccording to daily mail. In fact, the oceanfront residence was used by the family “as a vacation spot for themselves and the children, for horseback riding and spending free time on the beach.” Architectural Digest.

The waterfront property was reportedly purchased by the actor for $4 million in 2000, but is now worth around $20 million. The exponential rise in value is also due to the improvements made Brad Pittwho used all his eccentric touch to furnish open spaces. The property is located near Gaviota State Park nine miles west of Santa Barbara and sits on an impressive 15 oceanfront acres.

Exterior of Brad Pitt’s country house

Brad Pitt is the owner of a great house on beach in Goleta, California. Aerial shots show that the famous actor loves landscaping. Indeed, the vegetation is arranged in such a way as to create colorful patterns near the beach. The star also built a wigwam bordering the forest, surrounded by a view and descending several steps to the sea.

In another part of the large property, there are six swings ready to welcome the couple’s six children, and outdoor pools. But still, a bizarre blue container covered with moss was placed in the park, the purpose of which is unknown. The two main buildings, one lighter and the other darker, represent the heart of the complex. Between the two buildings there is a barbecue pit and several sun loungers for sunbathing. Outside there are also tables for outdoor dining. The lighter main building is equipped with an awning, satellite dish and terrace, while another building at the back has a shaft. From the house you can get to the beach via a steep staircase, next to which there is still a surfboard and another table with umbrellas.

There house For vacation Goleta is just one of millionaire real estate From Brad Pitt. In fact, the actor has already owned another mansion in the past in California, in the Los Feliz complex. There house it was the Brangelina family’s love nest, which was sold for $40 million. During their long love story, the two actors also bought another dream villa in Provence, Chateau Miraval, which has long been at the center of a dispute between the two actors after their divorce. However, according to recent rumors, Angelina Jolie AND Brad Pitt they would come to an agreement about it.

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