Homemade Tips for Winter

Why do people put bay leaves on radiators?you will get a surprise

In just a few weeks, fall turns the heat of summer to the chill of these dates. It’s time to start pulling out the jackets, duvets and turning on the stove.Everything we have at home is useful protect us from the coldBut what we do is turn on the heat to keep our homes warm as the temperature drops.


There are many techniques to make The atmosphere at home is better in winter. From making yourself a cup of hot chocolate to throwing on your warmest pajamas and lounging on the couch watching your favorite series or movie, everything helps create a great atmosphere. The perfect home for the cold.

Make your house better with laurel

Laurel is a plant native to the Mediterranean that has many healing and olfactory properties that will help you in your life if you know how to utilize them. It is also used to flavor many foods and as an air freshener. This is where you can make the most of it. Place a thin plate over the radiator.

If you place a bay leaf in front of a radiator or heater, You will make a homemade air freshener This will help you spread the scent of this plant to all rooms in the house.these few months It is common to close windows Because of the cold, natural ventilation cannot be achieved. This way, the odor will remain in fabrics, furniture, and walls, making it difficult to remove.This results in If things continue like this, our house will have a musty smell. Made up of a mixture of all unexpelled matter circulating in the air.

This is the origin of the laurel crown.Yes You place some paper in front of the device As it emits heat, it releases a very pleasant and delicate aroma that makes the air in your home fresh and bright. With this monkey, we can also save money on air fresheners and other cleaning products.

Recommended despite the cold open the window from time to time Thus the above problems will not occur. Take advantage of the time you’re not home to maintain the best ventilation possible.

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