Homemade Tips | This is the secret to keeping your towels always soft and fresh

Here’s the secret to keeping your towels always soft and freshMediterranean

If you’ve ever felt like your towels have lost the softness and freshness you love, you’re not alone. It is normal for towels to become rough and less pleasant to the touch over time and with constant use.However, we have atrick Homemade that will help you restore the softness of your towels Make them like new.

How to wash towels: The problem of rough towels

Rough towels can be a pain. Instead of wrapping yourself in softness after a relaxing bath or shower, you find yourself with a rough texture that’s not at all pleasant.The main cause of this problem is usually Detergent and fabric softener residue left on towel fibersthey will lose their softness over time.

How to wash towels: Vinegar and baking soda are the solution

Our cleaning tips use common ingredients you probably have in your home: white vinegar and baking soda.Both are known for their cleaning and deodorizing properties, but they are also excellent allies Restores softness to towels.

Steps to restore softness to towels

  • Wash towels without fabric softener or with a detergent that uses fabric softener: The key to this tip is to remove any residue that has accumulated on the towels. Therefore, when washing towels, avoid using fabric softeners and detergents containing fabric softeners.

  • Prepare the white vinegar mixture: In a container, combine one cup of white vinegar with water. This will be our natural softener.

  • Start the vinegar wash cycle: Place the towels in the washing machine as usual. When the washer is filled with water and the towels are submerged, add the white vinegar mixture to the detergent compartment or directly to the drum.

  • Run a full wash cycle in hot water: The vinegar will act as a natural softener, softening the fibers of the towels and removing any detergent residue.

  • Add baking soda: After the vinegar wash cycle is complete, add 1/2 cup of baking soda to the washing machine drum.

  • Run another full wash cycle in hot water: the baking soda will help eliminate odors and enhance the softness of your towels.

  • Enjoy soft, fresh towels: After completing these simple steps, your towels should feel soft, fresh, and like new. Now you can enjoy the soft feel every time you use it.

tip additional:

  • Don’t overload your washing machine: Make sure the towels have enough room to move during the wash cycle for the process to be effective.

  • Wash your towels regularly: To maintain the softness of your towels, it is important to wash them regularly and follow the steps below from time to time to remove any residue.

Remember, this at-home tip not only helps you keep your towels soft, but it’s also a more environmentally friendly option by avoiding the use of chemical softeners.So next time you wrap yourself in a soft, cool towel after a shower, you’ll know The secret to always looking perfect. Enjoy softness with every use!

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