Honduran referee Saeed Martinez will call Ronaldo’s game in Saudi Arabia, why?


The referee did a good job Saeed Martinez Continue to achieve results for catracho in international competitions and continue to be considered Central American and Caribbean Coffee Association.

After directing two finals Gold Cup, Appear in world and CONCACAF qualifiers, Honduras continues to rise in rankings ranking The number of whistleblowers considered by the entity.

Saeed Martinez He had the opportunity to share with great stars such as: Leo Messi, Robert Lewandowski 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Catracho will now have the opportunity to work with cristiano ronaldoThis Portuguese star plays in the Saudi Arabian First Division.

President Arbitration Commission, Oscar Velazquezconfirmed to Diez that Martinez has received an invitation to coach Al Nasr against Damac, a duel scheduled to start on October 21 next year at 9:00 am (Honduras).

Said will be accompanied by Catlacho Walter Lopez and Christian RamirezTwo colleagues who had accompanied him in different international competitions.

The Honduran referee has competed in competitions on the continent and was invited to coach the Arabian Cup.

On October 17, Martinez will conduct Curacao vs Trinidad and Tobago Hosted by CONCACAF, it will then travel to Saudi Arabia.

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