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irapuato,Gto. (OEM).- Eduardo Ortiz Ceja He is a person from society guadalupe victoriaof lion, Guanajuatohe and his family work together to create and sell Products based on real bee honey.

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interviewing The Sun of Irapuatoexplained that their merchandise focuses mainly on health care and assured that many people are unaware of the benefits of honey, which helps relieve many diseases of the human body.

“Our business is related to health because honey has many benefits, it provides nutrients and amino acids, it is Natural Antibiotics and Anti-Inflammatories And it also has many therapeutic effects. Many people are not aware of this and think that it only relieves coughs, but drinking a spoonful of honey on an empty stomach is excellent. Fight gastritis and clean intestines“.

He mentioned the list of items he offers, ranging from pure honey, face creams, hair care products and other products that do not contain honey but are related to health.

“Our products include Extracting and packaging pure honeyface cream, jelly cream, snail slime, collagen, propolis (an antiseptic that helps with coughs and flu), sunscreen, honey syrup, capsules royal jelly, shampoo, Vitamin Ewait”.

He added that in addition to selling such items, he also provides pollination services with the help of hives he takes care of, describing the process of this work and the results achieved.

We have two thousand hiveswe provide farmers with fertilizers for their blueberry, strawberry and raspberry crops; we move them to the fields at night and it takes about two days to acclimate and for the bees to start pollinating the bees. 80% Help grow crops twenty% arrive 30%“.

He added that if someone needs his product or service and can’t get there World Expothey can be requested on their official website or at ISSEG Pharmacy.

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“You can find us on our official website https://reservadelareina.com/ or our products at ISSEG Pharmacy from across the state. “

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