Hospitals will no longer enforce this

Masks will no longer be mandatory in hospitals and health centers Next Tuesday, January 30. Xunta de Galicia decided to adapt the technical standards of the standard so that Yes, it will remain in Certain services, e.g. Emergency situationsat the point of continuing care (PAC) and in spaces immunosuppressed patients.

The decision is based on Report processed by Galicia TelegraphOn January 21, Health Minister Julio García Comesaña explained community influenza surveillance at an event in Nigrán.As a result, the intensity of the flu has decreased, so primary care consultation related to this disease reduced by 47% Compared to the previous week. This decline was seen in all 4 provinces.

Downtrend has been confirmed at all ages The average positivity rate is 10%. This was down by half from the previous week’s result (20.1%).quantity Hospitalized with influenza Reached on January 21st 103 people; A 63% decrease from the previous week.

So far this flu season, 3,071 people have been hospitalized with the flu, 161 of whom ended up in intensive care units.about Number of active covid cases is 508 Seven of them are in intensive care units and 113 are in inpatient units.

Health imposes obligations on communities

The wearing of masks has been mandatory in hospitals and health centers in Galicia since January 10 last year. ministry of health The measure was implemented after failing to reach an agreement with the autonomous region. “After living through the pandemic, we have learned our lessons and we will not surrender to pre-pandemic numbers. Our ministry will continue to work hard to Minimize risk and homogenize health protection,” argued Health Minister Mónica García.

Councilor Julio García ComesañaCalling the measure “disproportionate”. Sanidade leaders understand this kind of application in communities that “need it,” but not in a universal way.Like his peers, he claimed Any measures in this regard are based on “technical standards”

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