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House of Gucci

This will be broadcast on television tonight on Rai 1 for the first time. House of Gucci (2021) by Ridley Scott: A controversial but must-see film. Here because

Controversy. Extreme judgments. Rewards and teasing. How can one understand House of Gucci (2021) author Ridley Scott This is a film that causes a lot of discussion. For this reason, it deserves each of us to form our own personal opinion on it.

House of Gucci with Lady Gaga: official Italian trailer

Where to watch Ridley Scott’s The House of Gucci, which opens tonight

The event will be shown on television tonight on Rai 1 at 21:30. The film is a widescreen adaptation House of Gucci. A true story about fashion, greed and crime. (ed. Garzanti), a bestseller written by Sarah Gay Forden. Which tells the real events that led up to 1995. Patrizia Reggiani organize the murder of her ex-husband Maurizio Gucci, an entrepreneur and former president of the famous fashion house that bears his name.

Star cast of the House of Gucci

Shot in Italy, the film features an American cast that includes some of Hollywood’s hottest names. From Lady Gagain his first match after the triumph A star is bornTo Jare Leto. From Adam Driver To Al Pacino AND Salma Hayek. All the main characters of the “fall” of the Gucci family…

The story of the House of Gucci

Milan, 1970s. Patrizia Reggiani (Lady Gaga) he meets at a party Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver), heir to the Gucci dynasty, one of the most famous in the fashion world. A love story is born. The enemy is the patriarch of the family, Rodolfo Gucci (Jeremy Irons), who despises Patricia’s humble origins. But he cannot resist his son’s decision. Who marries and gives birth to two daughters with his wife.

However, the marriage soon turns out to be untenable. There unbridled ambition Patricia, who would like to lead the corporate policy of the Gucci brand, forces her to weave reckless strategies in cahoots with her husband’s uncle, Aldo Gucci (Al Pacino) and his son Paolo (Jared Leto). THAT family relationships they soon crack, setting off an uncontrollable spiral of betrayal, decline and revenge.

Until the tragic epilogue, which is crime news. With the help of Pina Auriemma (Salma Hayek), Reggiani hires two killers will kill Maurizio Gucci.

House of Gucci, review: semi-successful film

As we said, House of Gucci sparked a long series of controversies. The Gucci family calls him trash, but he actually has strong narrative structure. But instead of telling the story of family drama and a woman’s blind ambition, she often deviates kitsch. With actors (primarily Leto, who was unsurprisingly awarded Razzie Award) What they pay more attention to frills than nuances your character.

Great job costume designer Jenty Yates. While the hair and makeup department received one Oscar nomination. In general, between the Golden Globe, Bafta and other important awards, Ridley Scott’s film received several nominations. Especially for Lady Gaga’s interpretation.

Gucci house

Adam Driver, Lady Gaga and Al Pacino in a scene from the movie The House of Gucci.

Blessed be the dubbing

But the biggest controversy concerns the way the characters speak. What they use hypothetical Italian accent (some say Lady Gaga vaguely resembles Brooklyn, others are open to debate) operate in English.

Aside from the fact that there is no single reason why American English actors playing Italian characters should use this intonation, the result is a melting pot. unheard. Blessed be the Italian dub this time. Which at least saves us from this torment.

4 interesting facts about the House of Gucci

Salma Hayek She is married to François-Henri Pinault, president and CEO of the French multinational company Kering, which owns the Gucci brand.

During their marriage, Patrizia and Maurizio Gucci had Two daughters: Alessandra, born in 1976, and Allegra, born in 1981. According to the scriptwriters’ decision, the relationship between Patricia and Maurizio lasted 8 years. after it started in reality (from 1970 to 1978), Alessandra in the film was born after 1976. Allegra is completely absent from the history.

Camilla Cottin (plays Paola Franchi, Maurizio’s new partner) said that Lady Gaga didn’t talk to her in addition to filming their scenes as their characters were rivals in the film. Gaga took her role so seriously that she lived as her character Patrizia Reggiani for a year and a half, often speaking with an Italian accent.

This is Adam Driver’s second film in 2021 with Sir Ridley Scott. Another The Last Duel.

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