How and why has ‘Barbie’ become our new obsession?

One of the most recognizable brands in the world, a super cast, one of the most popular writers and a brilliant campaign. In anticipation of the most anticipated movie of the year, we’ve rounded up all the goodness prepared by Greta Gerwig and C.K. Publicity who had not been seen for years.

This is barbie…

Marketing Team on April 4, 2023 barbie Bomb dropped: i character poster of the movie (yes, the one where Dua Lipa is the Barbie siren). And since that day nothing has ever been the same on social media. Because, thanks to Barbie Selfie Generator, anyone can create their own meme and, above all, share it (there are people who have done that, and there are also those who lie). then go ahead”this is barbie… a woman, a mother, a Christian” (Georgia Meloni, Absolutely), But “This Barbie Lost Half a Day Skiing(Gwyneth Paltrow, who else). In short, Barbie in all places and all lakes, everyone can be Barbie. A real stroke of genius. And the goal of this over-the-top campaign is clear, going well beyond promoting the film to transform Barbie from a legend into a contemporary icon for the social media age. A full-blown re-branding, too, thanks to agreements with other companies and companies targeting Millennials who played with Barbie as kids and Gen Z who discovered her only recently. “Our goal for this summer and this year is to take Barbie everywhere,” he says to Mattel. So here comes the Malibu Dreamhouse, hair accessories, clothing, toothbrushes on Airbnb. more than everything.

Ale’Business pink Colour

Margot Robbie in Greta Gerwig’s ‘Barbie’. Photo: Warner Bros.

On June 4, 2023, more news, another explosion of headlines everywhere: “The effect of barbie On the industry: the world stock of pink paint is almost exhausted”, “barbie: The world was left without the color pink because of the film”, “Film”. barbie Pink was used so much that it caused a shortage of the world supply.” What happened? Originally Production Designer Sarah Greenwood, aka The creator of Dreamhouse for the film revealed during an interview architectural digest (no way Washington Post, here) that the widespread use of a specific shade of pink dedicated to the famous Mattel doll has created an international shortage of the fluorescent shade of paint produced by the Roscoe brand. “The world is out of pink,” she explained sarcastically. and the press office made it a state affair, Cap,

sexuality, life is your creation

“I thought, ‘Well, she’s a plastic doll, she has no organs. And since she has no reproductive organs and no sexual desire, why would she be sexy? People sexualize her, But if Barbie wears a short skirt, it’s because she’s pink and fun, not because she wants her ass to show.” Margot Robbie said it loud and clear, putting an end to the now fifty year old question. And there’s more in terms of empowerment: «If Mattel hadn’t made a radical change to the plurality of Barbies, I don’t think I would have accepted the movie. I don’t believe in the principle: “This is the only version of Barbie and women, all women should aspire to be that”, always Margot Dixit.

stay away from ryan gosling

It started with Gen Z arguing that Gosling is too old to play Kane: “He’s got too many wrinkles,” “He needs moisturizer,” “He’s too ugly, he should find Henry Cavill or Chris Evans.” Should have called.” And a user on Tiktok so them “Grandpa Ken” (Grandfather Ken). Ok. The rescue came straight from fans of the 42-year-old actor. “I would still choose 96 year old Ryan Gosling over anyone else,” but also “Gen Z has lost her mind.” here you are. Gosling himself lambasted his detractors thus: “Nobody ever thought of Kane. If you really cared about him, you would know that nobody ever cared about him. So your hypocrisy is clear. That’s why his story needs to be told.” And the first reactions to the film speak of a hilarious performance: “Give Ryan Gosling an Oscar”, as we read. The clip where he sings bus caneThe power ballad The Eighties (with Slash on guitar) which is a kind of self-affirmation mantra proves it. ,It doesn’t matter what I do / I’m always number two / Nobody knows how hard I work“, But “I’m just Ken and I’m enough / And I’m too good at work, We love

margot robbie’s feet

No, that’s not a paragraph written by Quentin Tarantino. You see, in the many roles she has played, the actress’s feet have been somewhat like a hero’s. The Wolf of Wall Street, Suicide Squad and of course, Once upon a time…in Hollywood, Well, they’ll be here too. First thing to know: Fully arched feet a la The Barbies that appear in the film are Margot’s, in part because she hates stunt doubles – “I don’t like it when someone else does my hands or feet” – and because Gerwig didn’t want to use CGI: “I did it right. refused” away, the final effect would have been a nightmare! As if that wasn’t enough, Margot Robbie’s legs are beautiful, so it would be pointless to have special effects. Her ballerina legs were really perfect for the movie.” Blind fans be warned. And so Robbie gets the bow perfectly centered in eight takes, as well as the bar to get the ends just right. has caught on. But there’s more: Barbie’s feet are also central to the plot. In fact the character’s existential crisis begins when they start to fall flat. And it’s here that Weird Barbie (Kate McKinnon) faces a choice. Holds: Continuing to wear heels in Barbieland (despite all odds) or wearing Birkenstocks and getting to know the real world. guess which,

But what is Barbie doing on the red carpet, hmm!

It’s certainly nothing new that actors on the red carpet pay tribute to the project they’re promoting. If costume designer Jacqueline Durran was inspired by Barbie’s golden years (the 80s and 90s) for the film’s outfits, she created a very girly pop look with stretch mini-dresses, soft skirts, bare shoulders and heart-shaped handbags Beauty brought to the screen. High heels, neon hues and pink on pink on the red carpet, Margot Robbie and stylist Andrew Mukamal went even further, showcasing a succession of “philological” looks and transforming the actress into a different version of the Mattel doll for each new event. Gave. From Herve Leger’s fitted black and white striped dress in 1959 to Barbie sparkling pink (1964) with a Moschino skirt suit. From two looks created by Versace for Barbie Day to Night (1985), to Barbie earring Magic by Balmain and Barbie Totally Hair with a mini dress by Emilio Pucci, both always with cropped hair. Then pink polka dots by Valentino, Scottish sets by Prada, creations by Chanel and the Schiaparelli archives. All Barbissima barbie.

Missed look-alike and cameo-bomb

The similarity between the heroine Margot Robbie and Emma Mackey sex education, has been at the center of online debate and memes since the series’ release on Netflix. And this allowed the young actress to join the supercast barbieRobbie explained, “I’ve been told over the years that I look like her and she’s playing one of the Barbies because Greta and I thought it would be fun.” “We had even planned to put something in the film about it, but once we both dressed up as our respective characters, we realized we didn’t look alike, and we ended up doing that in the film.” didn’t line up. But when people come up to me and say, “I like you sex education“, I simply answer: “Thank you”. But for a successful engagement, there are some explosive cameos that didn’t have to be made because of the overflowing agendas of two actors: Saoirse Ronan and Timothée Chalamet. Greta Gerwig said, “They part were unable to take and I am very sorry.” In fact, both of the director’s previous two films, lady bird And little Women: “I love them,” he said. “It was like having nothing to do without my kids. Obviously I’m not his mother, but it’s like I am.”

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