how do stars wear it in 2023?

What are the trends foreseen for this spring 2023 which is taking so long to wait (especially considering the rigid temperatures of this winter that is almost over)? Forecast calls for sunshine, an explosion of colors… e medium even cuts for all. This is confirmed by the Italian and international stars, who are starting to show off wavy yokes of different lengths… the perfect look to get ready for spring – and do it with style.

All the advantages of the medium even cut

The medium even cut it is a haircut whose lengths are all at the same level, usually at shoulder height. It is a classic and extremely elegant haircut, but above all versatile and suitable for more or less every hairstyle, every style, every shape of the face. The medium length also makes it even more comfortable, because we can choose to tie our hair back when we want – and to leave it loose with a simple hairstyle at any time.

The even cut, especially if medium, has many advantages: first of all, it allows us to create many different hairstyles, to gather the hair in a medium-high ponytail without “losing” tufts of hair here and there on the head; moreover, with the even cut we can create beautiful braids, without the risk that the shorter tufts come out from all sides.

Even medium cut: five looks to copy for the stars in 2023

We can wear a medium even cut however we want, in 2023: smooth and elegant, for an almost “evening” effect; wavy and ultra-modern, perhaps with waves made by hand with the straightener; or curly, to give more volume to the entire hair. If you are still undecided about what to do, ask the stars for advice: they will be able to answer you.

Monica Bellucci

Even our beloved Monica Bellucci, timeless diva of Italian and international cinema, chooses a medium wavy cut, in which the lateral lengths remain even, while the inner part of the hair is slightly scaled. The parting in the center frames the face, especially thanks to the focus on the front side locks, left falling softly on the temples. The finish of this hair is unkempt, to give a more modern touch to the whole hair.

Margot Robbie

The much-loved Australian actress in Hollywood is known for her constant changes of look, especially on set. Off the set, however, she prefers a much simpler look, almost soap and water, with medium-long hair and a really refined titmouse long-bob and suitable for any occasion. Margot Robbie loves to wear it with a very dizzying side parting, held up by a fixing wax, perfect for adding an extra touch to this hair.

Kourtney Kardashian

After announcing her marriage to Travis Barker, drummer of Blink 182, the model and influencer Kourtney Kardashian decides to give it a break and tip aun medium cut even dark brown and super bright, with side parting and upturned ends, to give greater volume to the entire hair.

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